How Much does it Cost to Install a Zappi Charger?

Zappi is the world’s first smart solar EV charger to make a difference. It operates as a standard EV charger. Moreover, it has optional charging modes to use 100% GREEN energy generated from wind or your solar photovoltaic system.

The Zappi charger is one of the latest EV solutions with many benefits to users and the environment. Request an installation project quote today from an expert.

Zappi Charger Installation

The Zappi is easy to install and user-friendly. A Zappi EV charger costs about £100 more than a standard charger. However, regardless of the price, the charger increases the Return on Investment for your panels and electric car.

The average cost of a 2nd Generation Zappi charger installed costs between £750-£950, including Office for Low Emission Vehicles Grant (OLEV)/ OZEV and VAT, depending on the cabling needs. Installation of this unit costs £100 more costly than a standard charger.

Fortunately, the Zappi charger is OZEV approved, making it eligible for the £350 OZEV grant. The grant is usually available to smart charger installations such as the Zappi EV charger. In addition, car owners can claim the OZEV Grant if they show proof of purchase of the electric vehicle on the eligible vehicle list.

A car charging point installation costs tend to vary, depending on the proposed location of your charging point and your current electrical infrastructure. The charger is fully compliant with the most recent wiring regulations. As such, there is no need to install an earth spike, significantly reducing installation costs. You can get a quote from EV Solutions if you need more details.

Factors Affecting Charger Installation Costs

Electric vehicles often have a Type 1 and Type 2 connector. Therefore, ensure you pick the proper charger, such as the Zappi EV charger, which is eco-friendly and highly efficient. You will also need to decide between slow and fast chargers.

Fast Chargers. With 7kW to 22kW of power, fast chargers are faster and can charge your car between two to four hours.

Slow Chargers. They are rated at 3kW to 6kW. Slow chargers can take up to 12 hours to charge a long-range vehicle. It may also take six to eight hours to charge a smaller range vehicle.

Brand. Not all EV solutions cost the same. Each brand has its unique specialities and charging capabilities. The Zappi charger is an expert-recommended option for car owners looking for a user-friendly and efficient installation.

Smart Chargers and Green Energy. A smart charger gives you control over the charging process and is eligible for grants, saving you money during installation. Green energy chargers require less during installation and ensure you have and utilize 100% green supply.

How to Reduce Zappi Installation Cost

To save money on the purchase and installation of EV chargers, you can check your eligibility for a government grant. The UK Office for Low Emission Vehicles offers a £350 grant via their Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.


Zappi is an excellent product, perfect for charging an EV and optimizing the use of solar power. Zappi is supplied at a very modest premium to the cost of a regular charger. Moreover, it qualifies for the OLEV Grant where relevant. The installation costs will often vary, depending on the installation experts and different factors.