How Much does it Cost to Install an Electric Vehicle Charger?

Typically, the brands that sell electric cars offer different promotions to install the charging point at their customers’ homes. Some car manufacturers also give away the charging point and its installation.

They also usually guide users about the charging issue their vehicle needs based on its battery.

Suppose the dealer and the brand do not take care of the installation. In that case, the only option left to you is to contract the services of an authorized electrician installer for the installation of points of recharge in garages.

Charging Station Type

Level 2 Charging Stations

Level 2 charging points are the most common use charging stations. It can charge an electric car up to 40 miles in just an hour with a 240-volt outlet. This is almost six times faster than the level 1 outlet.

Average Installation costs for a level 2 home EV charger is between $300-$1200 but they are only usable for one or two electric cars.

The easy thing is to mount the charger on the wall of your home garage, otherwise, you can also purchase a portable charging unit that can get mounted to the wall of your home, say in your garage, or buy a portable one. 

Level 3 EV charger

Level 3 DCFC charging stations are public or commercial charging points as the cost of the charging point is not affordable for single-house use only. The charging station usually charges 80% in just half an hour with a 480 volts outlet.

The average costs for a level 3 EV charging point with the material are between $12,000 and $35,000. If you are installing level 3 charging stations at home, then necessary remodeling is needed in the infrastructure of charging stations.

Cost increases if you are installing portable EV chargers.

Wi-Fi and other add-ons indulging in the system also increase the average cost of EV charging stations.

By Location


Installing an EV charging point at home is a more affordable and easy process. The average cost to completely install an in-house charging point depends on the areas where you live, and what type of charger you wish to install.

Installing the charger in a single house and in an apartment building is also different.

Contact your area professional to find the exact price which you need to pay.

The cost of charging your EV car at home or at an interior charging station can be between 800 and 1500  dollars.


If you are installing charging points at commercial, public, or any other exterior place then you need to create a big setup, which obviously costs more than installing that in any house.

The average cost depends on the features you are installing at charging for example wifi, installation of security system, RFID payment system, portable or wall-mounted installation, waterproof system, or installation of other add-ons.

The total cost of charging your EV car on an exterior charging station can be between 800 and to 2500 dollars.

Labor and Renovation Costs

While installing an EV charging station, you need to pay a professional, which can vary from 40 to 100 dollars depending on the present professional rate of the area.

Unfortunately, labor cost is half the price of buying an EV charging station, which is quite expensive, so calculate the overall cost you will spend before purchasing an EV charging station.

Some renovation cost is also needed in installing an EV charger, for example, if your house is old, you need to upgrade electrical hardware, or if you do not have a 240-volt socket, then you need to fix it first.

Permit Costs

You cannot just buy and install an EV charging point at home or anywhere else, and you need some permits. If you are installing an EV home charging point at home, you need to follow some government, state, and local codes.

The National Electrical Code (NEC), working at the federal level, has set codes for how to install electric chargers safely without disturbing electric lines. These codes work to confirm environmental safety and public security while working on electric projects.

To take permits to install an electric vehicle charging point, you need to pay some fees also.

The average cost for taking permits is about $50-$160.

Local Incentives

Due to the expensive installation of Electric vehicle charging points, some incentives are also introduced so drivers can quickly adapt to EV driving to promote safe environmental transportation.

The government also offers some incentives, and some brands offer promotional offers for locals. For example, till 2021, in the US, a $1,000 tax credit is available for buying and installation of EV chargers, especially at home.

While installing the charger, always explore the internet for rebates and discounts on EV brand websites. But remember that level 3 EV chargers and level 2 EV chargers have different incentives.


The market for electric charging points for electric cars is becoming more and more extensive. There are different manufacturers, features, and characteristics, and, above all, you must pay attention to the power each can offer.

Car brands offer their owners personalized advice, free of charge, regarding the type of electric car charger that may interest them the most and that fits the characteristics of their vehicle model.

All this detail will give you an idea of the cost and method while installing a charging point.

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