How Much Does NetSuite Cost? A Pricing Guide

Are you wondering how much does NetSuite cost? If yes, you should check out our guide right here on the prices you can expect.

NetSuite is a vital business management component for businesses of all sizes. As one of the top enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, more businesses rely on NetSuite as their primary management hub.

With its abundance of features, its no wonder NetSuite is as popular as it is. But many businesses have one crucial question: “how much does NetSuite cost?”

The answer is complicated and depends on your business’ size, management needs, and budget. In this guide, we’ll go over all of the intricate facets of NetSuite’s overall cost.

How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, the cost of NetSuite depends on several factors.

NetSuite is a SaaS program, which means “software as a service.” This means that NetSuite offers access to its suite of applications as long as you pay a licensing fee. This fee depends on the estimated number of users, the number of add-on modules, and other factors.

The base cost for a NetSuite license is $999 per month, plus an extra $99 per user per month. This is the bare minimum cost that will undoubtedly go up once you start customizing your system.

What Factors Impact NetSuite’s Cost?

NetSuite’s pricing is typically customized. If you run a business and want to purchase NetSuite, a NetSuite Consultant helps guide you through the NetSuite pricing process.

Products and Add-Ons

The price of NetSuite heavily depends on what products and modules you choose for your dream system.

You can customize a business management system that suits your needs. You may also choose a system that’s ready “out-of-the-box.” These are ready-made editions with a mix of products and services.

For example, an e-commerce business may choose to include NetSuite’s customer relationship management (CRM) and ERP product into its overall system.

Business Size and Budget

A small business isn’t expected to purchase a cloud business management system made for enterprise businesses. Depending on the size of your business and budget, your system is customized to suit your needs and expectations.


Once you’ve settled on your customized system, the next is implementation. NetSuite implementation specialists help install the software and train your employees on how to use the system. These specialists also help integrate existing systems into your new NetSuite architecture.

License Type

If you’re running an enterprise business, you may want to consider hosting your NetSuite system on-premise. This means the servers are hosted within the business and require a perpetual license agreement.

Most businesses rely on NetSuite for server hosting and run the system via the cloud. This option allows businesses to opt for a subscription plan that will enable them to access the cloud servers. This option is less expensive and doesn’t require an upfront cost.

Ongoing Services

Systems like NetSuite offer services to help ensure the software is running smoothly. If you purchase NetSuite for your business, you have access to an IT team and a customer support team if anything goes wrong. These costs are considered add-ons.

Managing Your Business the Right Way

The question “How much does NetSuite cost?” is complex and depends on the type of business you run.

Whether you own a small business or you’re tasked with building your enterprise’s business management architecture, NetSuite provides plenty of options. With proper consultation, you’ll be on your way to a product quote in no time.

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