How ‘Never Trump’ donors are considering abandoning BIDEN because of his ‘betrayal’ of Israel… and doing the unthinkable in 2024

Donors who never thought they would back Donald Trump are now considering throwing their millions behind the former president after Joe Biden suspended arms shipments to Israel in its war with Hamas.

Four donors who contributed tens of millions of dollars in the 2020 election cycle told The Free Press that they are reconsidering their giving from the last cycle now that they know where Biden stands on the Israeli conflict.

President Biden said in an interview with CNN last week that he would completely stop sending arms to Israel if their forces invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah after a report emerged with Israeli Defense Forces saying the White House stopped a shipment of U.S.-made weapons.

‘I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah,’ the president said in the interview last Wednesday.

Michael Granoff, managing partner of venture fund Maniv who worked as a staffer for the 1990s campaign of Bill Clinton, voted for Biden in 2020 but now says he lost confidence in the President and is considering a vote for Trump.

‘I am not voting for Biden. I’m not saying I’m voting for Trump, but it’s a nonzero chance now,’ he told The Free Press.

President Joe Biden said in a CNN interview aired Wednesday, May 8, 2024 that he is considering ending all U.S. arms sales to Israel if they invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah

Granoff believes that Biden’s current stance betrays commitments he made to the world’s only Jewish state after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on October 7, 2023 and engaged in the largest single-day massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust.

‘The speech he gave on October 11 was one of the finest speeches a president has ever made,’ Granoff said. ‘Had he stuck to that policy, he would be leading in the race right now. I would be raising money for him.’

Biden has faced increasing pressure through nationwide protests by a leftist voting bloc that accuses Israel of genocide of Palestinian people in Gaza.

This includes outbreaks of demonstrators at universities, many who have set up encampments on campus and are refusing to leave until their colleges divest from any company that does business with Israel.

It now appears that Biden is caving to that pressure by suspending arms shipments.

Granoff isn’t the only ‘never Trumper’ who might donate to the former president – or at least abandon the current president – in attempts to keep Biden from a second term.

Republican donor Cliff Asness says he ‘spent well over seven figures’ to support Trump’s primary opponent Nikki Haley, but claims his commitment to making sure another Holocaust doesn’t happen is edging out his thoughts that he would never donate to Trump.

‘My ‘Never Again’ is trumping my ‘Never Trump’ these days,’ Asness told Free Press.

Reports emerged that the IDF said Biden suspended shipping U.S.-made weapons amid threats of invasion of Rafah

Reports emerged that the IDF said Biden suspended shipping U.S.-made weapons amid threats of invasion of Rafah

'Never Trump' donors say they are reconsidering their backing in 2024 because of Biden's stance on the Israeli-Hamas conflict

‘Never Trump’ donors say they are reconsidering their backing in 2024 because of Biden’s stance on the Israeli-Hamas conflict

‘Biden is a huge disappointment, really a moral outrage with this arms embargo being only the latest and greatest outrage,’ the co-founder of AQR Capital Management continued. ‘Despite my long opposition to him, this makes me more likely, though I haven’t quite gotten there yet, to see Trump as the better of two bad alternatives.’

Registered Democrat hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman also responded after CNN aired Biden’s comments, writing on X his decision to stop arms shipments is ‘one of the worst acts against an ally of a sitting president ever.’

‘Hopefully, this means he won’t be sitting for longer,’ he added.

Haim Saban, a billionaire entertainment mogul and Democratic donor, wrote an email to two senior White House advisers last week speaking out against Biden’s policy switch up on Israel.

‘Let’s not forget that there are more Jewish voters who care about Israel than Muslim voters that care about Hamas,’ he wrote.