How should one buy app downloads for iOS apps

The promotion of iOS applications differs from one with Play Store applications. Though the basic logic is the same, there are crucial moments that may greatly affect promotion dynamics and its results. Try to follow our brief instructions and get maximum from app promotion by keyword installs. We also explain how to bound installs with reviews to save budgets and improve the reputation of your product.

Ranking factors and analytics

App Store has its search algorithms and it performs pretty different than the ordinary Google Play robots do. Firstly, it does not spend too much attention to the texts of your application. It will see no difference between 1,000 and 100 long descriptions. However, you should try to add all the keywords you need to be in the index into a special field for your relevant words and phrases. Secondly, the App Store is more competitive and you ordinary need 20-35% more installs that you order per 1 keyword. So, do not be surprised that your marketing does not go well, make sure you planned it correctly from the very beginning. Finally, iOS analytics is more precise and effective. It updates faster and you do not need to wait 2-3 days to see your rank updates. However, do not be confused with the fact that your positions may change 2-3 times a day for 2-3 ranks up or down.

What about keyword promotion itself?

Knowing the issues we mentioned before, you will miss 30% of problems and wrong expectations with iOS keyword installs. However, there are two more aspects you should know to buy app installs correctly, Firstly, do not run Search ads the same keyword you promote. As a result, many incentive downloaders may confuse the advertisement with an app icon itself and get your app will be OUT by the keyword. Also, iOS is more vulnerable to motivated installs: do not order more installs than you may ever get by the keyword. You have to do it smoothly too. The difference in the amount you order daily should be +10-15%.

App promotion with downloads is a fast way to get your app ranks up and remain visible for organic users in search. When you are in 10th positions for a certain keyword, it will take 60-70 motivated installs per week to remain at these ranks.

How to by reviews for installs and rates?

When ASO managers and marketers buy app reviews that plan that 60-80% of them will be rejected from the app page. Android algorithm is more demanding and deletes up to 90% of your motivated reviews from the page. iOS saves up to 50%, but you do need to know how to order them correctly.

You should balance the number of installs and reviews. There is a common idea, that you build up the reputation for years and comments about your product do not come out of anywhere. So, buy 2-3 reviews for each 80-100 keyword installs. Use the same strategy for building your app score – do not try to improve it immediately from 3,9 to 4,8 in 200 incentive rates. App Store algorithms may consider that suspicious and sanction your app positions in search. To maximize the results, do not separate your review, rates & installs orders. When managers create campaigns for their clients, they start with keyword analysis. We define the keywords that we can write into the texts of the reviews and use them for promotion at the same time. Knowing the number of installs in our campaigns we can plan to order 3-4% of this number with our custom original texts of reviews. For each review, we order 1 rate, so it looks organic and natural. With this planning and approach, we get 90% of all reviews successfully posted at the app page.

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