How Tantric Massages Can Change Your Lifestyle for the Better

Modern life is stressful; there’s no doubt about that. Our work is stationary, our minds are constantly assailed by problems and bombarded by information, and our routines tend to be monotonous. Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit, but too much of the same old, same old seems to hurt us all in the long run.

Monotony tends to mess with our libido quite a bit and snuff out the flame of passion till it’s but a cinder. That’s why we decided to cover the concept of tantric massage to get our libido back on track.

What is it exactly?

This massage technique is an adaptation of the old Indian tantric teachings. It goes back to medieval times in India. It is a part of Tantra’s meditation teachings, and with this particular technique, connection with enlightenment is achieved through breathing and touch.

The west was first introduced to the tantric massage at the end of the 19th century, but it took off during the 1950s and 60s with the flower power movement, which mixed in many oriental approaches to life and general philosophies.

The massage itself has a different approach to sensual experiences. The masseuse is strictly focused on giving pleasure to the person on the receiving end, who is just supposed to relax, breathe, and enjoy the experience.

Is there a steep learning curve?

Well, that would have to depend on what kind of tantric massage you are doing.

As we mentioned, this type of massage has been around for a long while now. Being exposed to western culture and popularized by it, it also experienced some changes. Now we have a few modern variations of tantric massage but also a wave of traditionalists who are pushing a more core version of the technique.

The modern, full-body massages are also classified as tantric but have little to do with it as they don’t include the same breathing techniques and meditative aspects of the experience. Remember, tantric massages are a spiritual experience as well as sexual.

If you are worried about not knowing how to get into it, you can take the Online Tantra Massage Course on Zing and learn it very fast. Of course, you can supplement this by reading up on the massage over time.

Keep in mind that even though orgasm is the final goal of a tantric massage, you will not try to get there in the most direct route possible. The ebb and flow of pleasure are a part of tantric massage where pleasure is built up, let cool off a bit, and then increased again until there is an enlightening release of sexual energy.

What should I expect from it?

Well, an improved libido to start. The breathing techniques help relax muscles and get the blood flowing through the body. This will help you or your partner feel every touch more intensely. The fact that the person on the receiving end isn’t supposed to be active during the massage takes away the pressure of performing and lets the person enjoy the experience.

Furthermore, tantric massages are not strictly a physical experience. In the traditional tantric approach, there is a lot of eye gazing and an emphasis on going through the experience together. You can read more about the origins here. You might get the urge to break your passivity, but this isn’t something you should do as the whole goal is to surrender your body to the other person and rely on them guiding you through the journey of sexual fulfillment.


As you can see, tantric massages have been around for quite a while, and they are quite effective at building intimacy and improving the quality of your sex life. Some couples even report that they incorporated some tantric massage parts into their regular intercourse – things like breathing techniques during sex and using tantric massage as a part of their foreplay. 

All in all, this is a very useful addition to your sex life, and there is a lot to learn about it. It is also a great way to rekindle a relationship that is losing its passion through a joint journey through tantric techniques.