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How to apply for a short term loan and avoid unscrupulous lenders

Short-term loans are a small lending amount that is repaid on your next payday for a short period of time. Many lenders offer financial services in South Africa with loan amounts from R100 to R8,000. We frequently get questions from consumers who are new to online loans and want to learn more. If so, read this article to get a better picture of South Africa’s short-term loans.

What are the short-term loans that I can find?

In the past, shopping lenders and banks offered short-term loans. Over the past few years, online loan products have been increasing and are available in South Africa. The program at Friendly Finance allows you to find an electronic loaner. The Friendly Finance operates only with borrowers authorized to comply with national legislation by the National Credit Regulator. This means you are safe and secure with your personal information and loan.

How to apply for a short term loan?

Send a request for a loan. The short-term loan procedure is basically the same for all borrowers. First of all, the online application process will be finished. Apart from the loan and term for which most borrowers are requesting:

  • Name
  • ID Number
  • The number of Independents Home Address
  • State of job
  • The cell of income and the address of the email

Details of the bank.

In order to confirm your income, you will also need to submit your three most recent monthly payments or bank accounts. This can be needed as part of the application, or once a pre-approval for the loan has been issued, depending on the applicant. The records can be submitted to the website of the lender to ease and speed up the process. The lender will continue to verify information after you have completed the application and click on send.

According to the National Credit Regulation, the creditors must check the information and make a number of checks to determine whether the loan can be repaid.

How to avoid unscrupulous lenders?

What most people believe were payday loan companies. ‘ Predatory loan ‘ is listed. Although these are definitely examples of predatory loans, they are not the only ones. Lenders of all shapes and sizes will lend predatory loans and this often occurs.

  • Don’t take new loans if you’re already struggling with debt. It seems easy to borrow more money in order to help you pay the other amount you owe, but that’s how the debt cycle starts. Focus on your own training instead. Learn to live within your means although it means changing life drastically, like moving around or finding a better job.
  • Don’t apply for poor credit without an excellent credit score: a lot of self-service is necessary to achieve a great credit score, but once you do, the credit you’re going to extend is going to be lower in the future. You will also know what it takes to get a great deal of credit, and will not risk what you have worked hard to earn.
  • Read and understand your terms when you apply. People often see great introductory interest rates and up-front bonuses when they apply for a credit card, and miss the fact that the interest rate falls after some months. Know what you get into and how much you will be expensive. Don’t miss the payments either!
  • Budget before applying for the loan: define and take the payments out of your total monthly income after taxes. Does a new minimum payment have room left per
    month? Even if you do not plan to fund this new source of credit, brace yourself to take this opportunity. Make sure that another minimum payment is eligible.

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