How to build a successful social media marketing plan

If you want to grow your business, then a social media marketing plan should be awe-inspiring. Social media is an open reality of recent times. So, there are many social media platforms that are always adding new features.

So, if you want to keep the pace then adopt the habit of learning new things.

We understand it’s not easy to give full time to social media apps. But after seeing the immense importance you can’t neglect this vital factor. So, the best solution is to hire an expert team who is responsible to manage everything on your behalf.

It requires lots of effort, knowledge, and struggle to make the social media marketing strategy. Thus, at first, step let’s discuss the vital terminologies.

What is a social media marketing plan?

An ultimate guide for beginners

“A good social media plan is the one that defines roles and responsibilities of each team member.”

Finding the best social media tool is not so easy.

A social media marketing strategy or plan is a summary that includes everything that helps to run the online campaign. For instance, you include the things that will help to grow business using online means.

Later, all these things help to achieve long and short-term business goals. However, later after seeing the results you can assess whether you are going in the right direction or not.

Moreover, if you surely want to achieve something then try to design more specific plans. If your plan is concise and more specific, then it will be more effective. Here is the list of all famous social media platforms where you shouldn’t neglect your business’ presence:

On the other hand, the social media marketing strategy is a document that entails the roadmap to achieve goals.

However, the best plan is the one that has all existing and planned social media accounts. Apart from this, don’t forget to list down the hopes that you have from each platform.

Importance of designing a social media marketing plan:

In simple words, social media marketing is an act of using online means to sell or promote brands and services. While designing the social media marketing strategy most people have three challenges.

For instance, the challenges include reaching your audience, how to measure return on investment, and achieving business goals. So, while making the plan ensure you have the plan to overcome these factors.

Above all, there are the following other things that you shouldn’t neglect in a social media marketing plan:

  • It helps to increase brand awareness in the online audience
  • Moreover, it helps to build online communities that enhance the engagement with business
  • It helps the business to sell products and services using native marketing techniques and solutions.
  • Above all, by using social media platforms you can read the public sentiments. As a result, you can take the required action that will help to boost your business.
  • Social media platforms help to provide customer service using these apps. For instance, business representatives can solve issues and concerns using online means.

Moreover, with the help of social media platforms, you can launch targeted marketing campaigns. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are offering features like these to grab the audience’s attention.

What are the top tips to build a successful social media marketing plan?

After reading about social media marketing campaigns, it is vital to learn if you want to build something from scratch. So, here are the main steps that you will take as a first step:

  • Step 01: Select social networks that you are aiming to target
  • Step 02: Fill out your business profiles
  • Step 03: Find out the voice and tone that you will use to attract an audience
  • Step 04: Pick your social media marketing strategy
  • Step 05: Analyze and test the results of your campaign
  • Step 06: Now use automated features to save time

However, after selecting the right social media platform for your business now move towards the next step. The next step is to use the right strategies to build a successful social media marketing plan.

So, here are the top tips that will surely help to grab the audience’s attention.

Use easy metrics to track performance:

If you are on social media with the purpose to enhance business engagement, then learn to measure your performance. Thus, always use the metrics that make it easier to track performance.

For instance, you can use the metrics like the number of followers or likes on the post. These are easy to track but it’s a bit hard to prove their real value.

For instance, if you want to measure the things like engagement, conversion rates, etc. then you can’t do it with a number of followers and likes. Here are the following things that you can use to track performance on social media accounts:

Reach Clicks
Engagement Hashtag performance
Organic and paid likes Sentiments

Apart from this, if your business has different goals for each platform then use the metrics accordingly.

  • For instance, if the platform is LinkedIn, then you would measure success through clicks.
  • But if you are on Instagram then you can measure performance using story views.
  • On the other hand, for Facebook cost per click is an effective metric to measure the performance.

Moreover, don’t forget to align your performance with the overall goals and objectives of your business. So, start writing down each step of the social media marketing plan for effective execution.

Don’t forget to make SMART goals:

Designing a business strategy and planning long-term goals is one of the most crucial things that decide the future of your business. But always make the goals that are achievable and align with the vision statement of your business.

Here are the following main strategies that should be there in your goals:


  • S = Smart
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Attainable
  • R = Relevant
  • T = Time-bound

This is a smart framework and ensures to align all your goals in this. If your goals aren’t smart enough then you can’t achieve long-term goals. Moreover, if the goals aren’t attainable then there is no point in adding these to your list.

Apart from this, design a social media marketing strategy that relates to your business. It is also vital to measure performance after every while. For instance, if you are running a clothing business then measure your performance by calculating the ROI after every interval.

Try to learn even small things about business:

If you are in business, then the right knowledge is the key thing that will help to decide the success. So, there are different aspects and factors that need your attention. Here are the groups in which we are dividing groups that need your attention.

  • Know your targeted audience
  • Gather the right data and use it in your campaign

If you are targeting your audience then know what they want to see on social media. Later, you can share content and your audience will interact with posts. But if you want to know your audience in-depth then try to explore these things:

Age Interests Location
Average income Spending habits Job title or industry
Previous spending history And much more

After making sure your audience is real then try to engage them by offering services in which they take interest. Apart from this, gather the data to know which platform is a hit among the audience. For instance, different generations are using Facebook with this ratio:

Millennials 84%
Generation X 74%
Boomer 60%
Silent 37%

So, all these analytics help to design better strategies for social media marketing campaigns. There are many other factors like where they live, how they interact, etc. to refine strategy in a better way.

Gather info about your competitors:

It is vital to know that your competitors are already using social media platforms. So, you can learn so much from them. For instance, you can search what keywords they are using, and what are their focused strategies.

Apart from this, competitors can teach you a good lesson about the things you shouldn’t use. In this way, you can spot opportunities. If one competitor is using Facebook and the other one is dominant on Instagram, then it is a good sign to focus on that platform.

Above all, keep an eye on the social media handles, names, accounts, and what they post. Thus, you can use social media management tools to divide the workload. By using the right keywords, you can rank the account in real-time.

So, complete your research and try to shift to the new technology that is getting hit.

Run an audit for social media accounts:

If you are already on social media, then you have done most of your work. It takes hard work to design the strategy that will go best with your business. But if you are new then there are the following main questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What is working for other people and what is not?
  • Find out who is following your content
  • Moreover, find out which networks are best then you can target an audience using that.

After collecting the information make a TO-DO list that you will follow. So, your audit gives you a clear picture of the steps that you need to take. However, drafting a social media marketing plan ensures these accounts will help to achieve goals.

Properly set up social media account:

After reading about your competitors and drafting social media policy now we move towards the next step. It is vital to set up social media accounts that are fully optimized by using the right keywords.

But before selecting the new platform ensure that it is right. Here is the list of top platforms that people are using:

Facebook 98%
Instagram 82%
Email 65%
Twitter 48%
Facebook community 48%
Text messages 41%
Facebook messenger 39%

Moreover, don’t forget to write down the vision statement in your bio. In this way, you can grab the customer’s attention at first glance. Apart from this, by writing a bio you can tell people what products you are offering.

A solid social media description will help to lift the account. In addition to this, fill up the social media profiles with correct information. Moreover, include relevant keywords that will help to rank your business.

Try to find inspiration to grow the audience:

According to the data collected from 250 business executives, 72% of businesses are using social media accounts to inform the audience about their business decisions. If you want to make your brand unique then always look for inspiration and creativity.

You can grab inspiration from the social media accounts of your competitors. There are many apps that help to find keywords even from your competitor’s handles.

Moreover, you can search for award-winning social media accounts that are winning the game.

For instance, there are some Shopify stores that are managing social media accounts. In this way, those brands are attracting business to the Shopify store. So, try to establish a compelling voice for your business and deliver what people are hoping for from your brand.

Various platforms attract a different audiences:

Numbers speak differently and talk so much about the campaign for which you are planning for so long. So, here are a few chunks of important data that are telling much about different social media platforms.

  • Facebook and YouTube are two key platforms if you want to run ads. The ads are perfect if you want to increase the conversion rate for your business.
  • But if you want to target millennials and Generation Z then Instagram and Tiktok is the best place. Here you can create all kinds of content that go best with your targeted audience.
  • Pinterest is another GO-TO platform if you are focusing on visual content. Here you can pin the image that further grabs the audience’s attention.
  • Above all, LinkedIn is a platform for well-educated people. So, if you want to focus on an educated audience then LinkedIn is the best place to upload industry-specific content. If you upload that content on Facebook and Twitter, then that audience wouldn’t be able to understand that.

So, it’s better to do your homework before launching a new social media marketing plan. Thus, focus on the networks where your core audience is active.

Pick posting strategy wisely:

If you search about this topic then you will find so much data stating how often you should post content on social media. So, there isn’t any specific timeframe and every search states it in a different way.

Mainly the posting time on social media platforms depends on various factors. For instance, the factors include your reach, resources, and quality of the updates. Thus, if people like your content, then you can post more often.

However, here is the suggested time to post on social media platforms.

Social media platforms Posting time
Facebook Once or twice a day
Instagram Once or twice a day
Instagram stories 8-16 stories per week
Twitter 3-10 times/per day
LinkedIn 1-2 times per day
Pinterest 5-10 times per day
Snapchat 5-20 times per week

But if you think your content is different and want to attract a diverse audience then you can change the timing. It means you can always experiment with posting then stick to the one that goes best and boost reach.

Optimize social media handles:

A social media handle is an extension of your website, so it needs to be fully optimized by using the right keywords. So, for optimization here is the checklist that you need to tick:

  • Optimize headers and profile images using the right keywords
  • Provide complete information about your company
  • Customize all Facebook pages and other social media profiles
  • Pin your limited collections for the time being

Moreover, always remember that sizes are different for the profile picture of each social media platform. These are small yet vital tactics to boost social media following.

Buy social media followers:

If organic ways don’t work, then there is another way that will help to boost social media following instantly. Yes, you have an option of social media likes, followers, and views. So, there are many advantages of buying social media followers:

  • It helps to boost reach instantly
  • You can grab customer’s attention by flexing a greater number of followers
  • Above all, it helps to win customer’s confidence

There are many services that are offering social media likes and followers online. But before using any service like this ensure it is credible and offers original likes and followers.


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