How to Care for Real Hair Wigs

Caring for real hair wigs can seem a bit overwhelming. You spend all this money on a beautiful wig, and you don’t want it to lose its healthy look or get damaged in any way. It is actually quite easy to care headband wigs for your real hair wigs as long as you are consistent in their care.

When it comes to washing your real hair wig, you’ll want to wash it less often than you think. The natural hair oils will actually protect the hair from getting damaged and will make it look shiny and beautiful. If you wash it too much, it could dry out and become brittle. You can wear the wig about six times before each wash unless you find it to get too greasy. So feel free to wash it a bit earlier.

Before washing it, you will want to remove all tangles. Use a wig brush for a straight wig and a wig stick for curly wigs.

Take your time; you don’t want to do any harm by brushing out the knots.

You can put the wig on a T-part lace wig stand and put a small amount of shampoo on your hands. Gently massage the real hair wig, but don’t overdo it. You can rinse it again with warm water. Place the wig on a towel and pat it dry to remove excess water. Let the rest air dry on the holder. If you need to use it soon enough, you can blow-dry it but tumble dry it on a low setting. After it is dry, brush the hair once more. You can style your real hair wigs in the same way as you would with normal hair. Use rollers or rollers to give it a little bounce, and a little hairspray is fine to use to set the style as well.

When not in use, please make sure your wigs stay in a dry, dust-free, and pet-free environment. The last thing you want is for it to attract dust and dirt while you’re not even using it, subjecting it to more washes than it should need. Always keep a wig on its holder to keep the shape.

Do not throw it in a box if it is not necessary as it can ruin the style, shape and damage the hair. Your real hair wigs are a great investment to look fabulous, so you should invest the time to properly care for them. Your real hair wigs will look gorgeous every day with proper loving care. A good lace wig makes every woman look fabulous, but a great one makes us shine. The problem with finding the perfect unit is not always due to the quality, the hair, or the color of the wig. Certain hairstyles frame your face better than others, while some really detract from your beauty. Find your face shape below to perfectly match the perfect hair wig.


Square face shapes are almost as long as they are wide. You will likely need to have a strong jaw and bone structure to differentiate your face from a round shape. Lengthening the face and giving it a softer appeal 13×4 lace front wig will be your goal.

If your goal is to improve your appearance by altering your hairstyle, then purchasing a lace wig would be an affordable and preferable option. However, when buying one, try to make sure the color, texture, and style suit you. Also, consider the type of hair that best suits the convenience of your lifestyle and the hairstyles you want to have.

Try to avoid long straight hair or lace wigs with middle parts. The angled parts with the volume on the crown will help to elongate the face. The advantage of her square jaw is that since her face has such an edge, brightly colored lace wigs will always look good as long as the cut is appropriate.


A shady-looking shape can add age to your appearance in the long run. Many women mistakenly get more limited cuts to compensate for their somber appearance, but this solitaire makes it all the more obvious. Others try to hide it with significantly longer hair, which makes the look more radical and somewhat mature.

It’s best to balance your face shape with soft bangs to shorten and full styles to increase width. Curly or wavy lace wigs are a great option, especially if they are of medium length. For a full lace wig, a high straight back ponytail will work great, too, without adding too much length to the face.


His face resembles a heart, as he has a forehead, temple to temple, and a narrow to the wide chin. A chin-length bob is your best friend. These hairstyles work great for hair systems and are very popular options.

Shortcuts still work well with a heart-shaped face, with the exception of heavy top cuts. A cut like Halle Berry’s is slim on the sides, and the volume doesn’t appeal to a narrow chin. Short cuts like Rihanna’s have too much volume near the crown and will only appeal to wide cheekbones.


Your face is round with full cheeks and a set jaw. There are numerous styles that can add roundness to the face. Any style that is jaw length with the entirety around the ears will make for a more fitted look. The sharp cut or bumps on the hairpiece of the tape does not complement all the things considered as much.

Styles that have crooked parts end at the crown and move away from the face give a slimmer appearance. Long hairpieces cut out of human hair will be extraordinary for your face, as long styles compensate for your round face.


The oval face shape is somewhat smaller in facial structure than shrines and has a slightly adjusted hairline. Everything is possible for the determination of your style. The only thing you should try not to do is cover your shapely face with a lot of hair. Full styles will work admirably for you, but by hiding your cheekbones, wonderful facial structure, and hairline in a charming way, you will simply eliminate the look.