How to Change Voice in Games on Android Devices?

Voice changer programs are quite common for games like PUBG Mobile and a few other FPS or shooting games. These kinds of applications are mostly available for PCs and require multiple kinds of tools to work in the game. So, players can change their voice to any other voice during live chat.

However, when it comes to Android smartphones, there are very few such apps. Although there are hundreds of such programs, however, they only work while recording your voice. So, first, record your voice and then converts that into a desired one.

Therefore, it is hard to find any such tool or app and use it for the games. But it is hard not impossible, so, therefore, I have done some research and found a tool for such users. However, this application might work on some devices, and on some, it may not.

If you are interested to know more about this voice changer, then you must download App on your phone. However, in this article, I will try to explain How to Change Voice in Games on Android Devices. But if you are interested to use that tool, then you must visit the mentioned link above.

How to Change Voice to any Other in Games?

Changing your own vocal to any other is quite interesting and entertaining. Especially when it comes to games where you get an option to do a live chat with your teammates, then it becomes more joyful. Therefore, there are so many options for you to try and convert.

However, misuse of this technology is also at its peak. People are using this tech to harm or scam innocents. Therefore, such activities must not be encouraged. But these kinds of programs are legal and designed for entertainment purposes.

So, if you are interested to use any such tool on your phone, then you can use it without any kind of hesitation. Furthermore, most of them are quite safe and even you can use them for safe pranks where no one should be harmed or scammed.

But there is a problem that you don’t have so many apps for such a purpose. Although there are so many of them that allow you to record your vocal and then change it into any other. That is why you cannot use them in the games that you use to play online or live.

However, there is a single tool for that purpose. So, I will discuss and explain it to you within a moment. But let me tell you one thing before you install that on your phone, it supports specific kinds of devices. Therefore, you might face issues while using it.

But still, you can install it or try it. There is no kind of issue with trying it as it is free and there are no premium features at all. Further, this tool is available for Android gadgets only and there are multiple other features along with a vocal changer option.

Game Turbo with Voice Changer

You might have heard about the Xiaomi or MI phones. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that produces smartphones and other accessories related to smartphones, Laptops, and so on. They are quite famous for making affordable high-end smartphones and tablets.

But that is not the only thing for which they are famous. Rather there is one more factor and that is its game turbo with voice changer. It is a built-in tool or an app on most MI phones. It allows you to boost your device’s performance.

It is specially used for boosting the RAM and GPU. So, through that, you can play games or run mobile apps smoothly and conveniently. That is the reason why MIUI Voice Changer is more famous among MI mobile phone users.

Voice Changer

The best part of the MIUI Voice Changer is that there are multiple features. It is not only allowing users to play games smoothly, but also you can remove cache from your devices. Most of the time people uninstall apps or cache remains on their phones’ storage.

So, such files or cache are burdens on the phone. Therefore, you can remove them through this tool. You get these kinds of tools on almost every smartphone that comes up with the latest Android OS. However, the major highlight of the tool is its Voice Changer.

In this article, I am talking about the vocal changer which is quite simple and easy for you. So, it is the built-in feature within the tool and you don’t need to install that separately on your phone. If you are using an MI device, then you don’t even need to install the app at all.

You just need to open the game turbo or swipe on the screen to lift or right. Then you will get the option of a voice changer. From there you can simply select the vocal or child, female, old man, woman, giant, robot, or any other. Then start speaking. You can use the feature during the game as well.


This is the single app available for Android users to change voices in games. However, you might get some premium tools for that but if you are looking for a free one, then you don’t have any other choice. Moreover, it is legal and safe to use.