How to check your Website Organic Traffic

Getting the right traffic is like finding treasure. Websites are developed to engage in traffic. If it fails to do so then it loses its prime motive.

Organic traffic is the supreme goal of every SEO specialist. It brings you traffic without PPC or any financial effort. To get organic traffic you have to rank high. If you have no idea where your websites are ranked, then how can you improve it?

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That’s why it is crucial to check if you are getting organic traffic. Here is the information that you need to check about organic traffic:

  • Am I getting organic traffic on my sites?
  • What is the quantity of traffic?
  • What do they prefer to do on my sites?
  • How much time are they spending?
  • How can I engage with them more organically?

To get all these answers you need to check your website’s organic traffic. You can take help from a website rank checker tool to know the insights of organic traffic.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic refers to those visitors who reach a website by organic search results, not by paid ADs. These kinds of visitors or traffic simply search for something on search engines.

If their search requisites match with your website’s keywords then you will show up on the top of the search engine result page. That will increase the possibility of your website having visitors.

You might have noticed that when you search something on google it shows pages of results. On the top, there are paid promotions of websites. After that comes the organic results that came just because its content matches your search criteria.

The importance of checking organic traffic

Traffic is the base of any website. Without it, the website loses its purpose. Organic traffic is considered to be a huge success for SEO.

That sums up the importance of measuring and checking organic traffic. Checking organic traffic is the 1st step of planning what next step to take for your website.

You should check and keep an eye on organic traffic from time to time for the following reasons.

Measure to improve: If you don’t set a bar for your standard how can you achieve goals? SEO service is indeed important. But if you don’t know what you want to achieve from SEO service then it’s not going to be of much help.

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For instance, measuring organic traffic will inform you how many visitors are visiting your site organically. Usually, everyone wants to increase this number as much as they can. Because organic traffic promotes your site without any payment.

That’s why you need to know how much organic traffic your site is dragging. If the number is sufficient you can take steps to maintain it. However, if the numbers hit below average you can plan to improve the SEO of your site. In both cases knowing about organic traffic will help you.

Free promotion: You don’t have to pay a penny to get organic traffic. Just try making the contents of websites as relevant as possible. Since relevancy can draw the attention of search engine crawlers and bots.

When the crawls find your content relevant for a search it shows up on search results. Checking on organic traffic is as important as checking SERPs. Both will show your performance on the search result pages.

More sign-ups: Organic traffic is mostly those people who are looking for answers to their problems. If they find your website content relevant there is a high chance they will sign up.

As they are constantly searching for solutions it puts them in a place where they want to learn more. If your website serves the purpose it will have more sign-ups.

Organic traffic is targeted. When you develop the contents of your website you are intending these kinds of visitors as an audience. People who will search for products and services similar to yours.

That’s why they are more likely to become your potential follower, subscriber and customer.

Know about rankings: Search engines are a field of intense competition. If you don’t stand out you will fall behind. The top 3 search results of every search have the highest chance of being clicked.

What happens to the rest of the results? Mostly they get ignored by the visitors. Very few people even reach the second page for their answers. So if you are getting a decent amount of organic traffic then it says your ranking is in a satisfying position.

You can simply boost your search ranks by using white label SEO tools. How? It does an in-depth examination of your website’s performance. Based on the analysis report, you can readily visualize what needs to be improved or done. And you already know that by doing so, you can boost your SERP ranks.

Engagement with the site: When you check website organic traffic, it shows you the activity of the traffic on your sites. How much time they have spent. If they have signed up for something or not.

This shows the engagement of the site with its visitors. If you analyze it tactically it can be a great resource. It gives indirect hints about what potential your website has.

It illustrates what your visitors are wanting to see. When you get the hints right it can help you shine in the SEO world.

Knowledge about traffic: Online traffic can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Direct
  • Organic
  • Referral

Among these three only organic traffic can boost your website’s popularity wider and faster.  Considering that this traffic consists of those people who are searching for content similar to yours. It is important to know traffic well and which traffic does what for you. By this, you will be able to manipulate content towards targeted traffic.

Sustainable: Organic traffic is highly sustainable. It requires nothing but sheer relevancy. If your website content is relevant and authentic you will get noticed by organic traffic.

For this, you don’t have to get in any paid partnership. Which is a great opportunity for business websites. More traffic means more potential customers or clients. More clients mean more revenue.

This quality of organic traffic makes it so sustainable. Because it gives you more at zero cost. Which is the prime motto of business sustainability.

Great marketing strategy

Have you ever searched for something on search engines? when the results show up have ever clicked on the results that are indicated as an AD ? in most cases your answer would be a no.

Because most people trust the organic results more rather than the paid ones. So checking and optimizing your website to get organic traffic is a part of SEO strategy.

Through this, you can market your website without paying a penny. To the utmost surprise, you will get better results than the paid ones. So checking organic traffic is crucial for marketing strategy.

Get regular visitors: As mentioned earlier, people trust organic results more. When they find your website content in an organic way they tend to take it more seriously. Generally, it is believed that search engines like Google show more authentic results on the first page.

When your website appears on the 1st page it draws attention to the organic traffic. They evaluate your content and build a sense of familiarity. For this psychological phenomenon, they make an image of your content in their mind.

This sense of familiarity makes them recall and visit your sites again and again. Resulting in regular visitors.

Brand building: The 1st page of SERP is like online goodwill. It sheds a positive light on all your content. Which is great for brand building. Organic traffic is mostly a buyer searching for products and services.

When they see a brand’s website more often on the top ranks they start to engage with it. They start trusting the contents and the products eventually. That’s why most would like to call engaging organic traffic the digital way of brand building.

How to track organic traffic

Now that the importance of organic traffic is clear you might be curious to know how to track it. There are three distinctive ways to check or track organic traffic. Namely

Standard way: Using Google analytics is the most popular and standard way of measuring organic traffic.  You can directly connect it to your website. To find organic traffic on Google analytics first go to the acquisition option. Then click on all traffic and select source or medium. Google analytics:

  • Separates organic traffic from other referring traffics
  • Shows statistics periodically
  • Analyzes traffic source
  • Shows visitors interact with your website
  • And their visit time

The only drawback is Google Analytics doesn’t advise you on a personal level. It will just show you the traffic data as it is. It won’t explain which data means what and how to decipher them.

So people with less technical knowledge will have a hard time understanding what the organic traffic data is indicating. To get more out of organic traffic results you can use google page rank checker tools. Will discuss it momentarily.

Without any tools: The second way of checking organic traffic is less popular. Roughly it has two options for you:

  • ADvertise page: ADvertise pages often promote and popularize different websites. They mostly indicate it by ‘ ADvertise with us ‘ type of campaigns. They can list your traffic on your behalf. Usually, they update the data on their portal within every six month
  • Media kit: also known as press kit includes information about traffic statistics and feedback on the audience. Similar to ADvertisement pages, media kits also take time to update their information.

For this slow process and unreliable data, many omit to opt for this way of traffic checking.

With website rank checker: Among all the methods of checking organic traffic website ranking checker tools are the complete service provider. It not only shows data of organic traffic but explains which data is indicating what.

Site checkers like this tell the position your websites get on google and other search engines. It suggests ways to improve your ranking. So that you can get more organic traffic.

Tools like SEMrush, Ahref, SEO audit software, web fx, SE ranking are available to provide you info about organic traffic and insights of SERP. It gives you traffic information in the most efficient way.

Features of checker that helps you track organic traffic

The increasing popularity of google page rank checkers has some valid reasons. These are easy to use and give you more than just updates on traffic. It shows,

Organic monthly traffic: It will show you traffic engagement on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. You can customize the reporting time as you wish. And compare it to competitors or previous performance.

It will separately show the organic traffic of each month. How much organic traffic your website was able to drag is important information. Getting it from period to period makes it understandable and comparable.

Organic keywords: The performance of organic keywords is vital for showing organic search results. These keywords are the connecting bridge between the website and organic traffic.

If your website keywords match their search keywords then you will have the top position on search results. So checking the performance of organic keywords is a part of monitoring organic traffic.

These tools show how the keywords of your content are performing on search engines. So that you can understand which keywords are working best for websites.

Domain score: Domains are the names of your website. The more relevant it is to your content the better. Irrelevant domains degrADe SEO performance.

Hence making it unattractive to organic traffic. The checker analyzes the website domain and suggests a score. With this, it is easy to evaluate domains. Numerical data are easy to compare.

Traffic sources: An organic traffic checker provides information about traffic sources. Whether the traffic is coming from direct sources and links or referrals.

If the traffic visiting your site through search engines indicates that your website has shown up on organic search results. If they are not paid promotions initially.

Visitors category: Every audience is a different kind of visitor. The motive of their visiting your page categories them as visitors. The checker wholesomely shows types of visitors and what they are doing on the stay time on the website. The visitors might be

  • Casual browser
  • Someone who is comparing different sites
  • Competitors
  • Familiar visitor
  • Decider etc.

You can evaluate it and sort out leADs that you will work on. It saves time that you might have wasted on bAD leADs.

Bounce rate: The number of times visitors bounce off your site is considered to be the bounce rate. And it’s a complete no-no for a website that wants to do well in SERP.

SERP checker creates a statistic showing the number of times visitors have bounced off your site. And Advise you technically how to avoid it or lessen the bounce rate.

Traffic trend: Graphical representations are easy to understand. The checker shows trends and charts of organic traffic. So that you can see how much organic traffic your websites are getting at a glance.

In essence

Checking organic traffic is the 1st step of evaluating your SEO performance. It tells a lot about what you should do to improve your website. The benefits of organic traffic are immense.

It will be a great regret if you miss out on this opportunity. It is high time you check your organic traffic insights and optimize your website accordingly.