How To Choose A Roof For Your New Home

A wide range of materials is readily available and worthy of consideration when choosing a roof for your new home. These materials include asphalt, wood, composite shingles, slate, concrete, and clay tiles.

While there are different choices, making the right choice should be your priority.

Style though is an important factor, but shouldn’t be the only one you will base your decision on, you must consider the product cost, material weight, climate condition, installation requirements, and so on.

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Climate Condition: Some roofing materials are better suited for some areas than others, this is because your roof is the first barrier to elements from harming your home.

It’s essential to choose a material that will shelter your home reliably from climate and weather conditions. Also, local rules and regulations should be followed in deciding which roofing material to go for.

Roof Slope: The slope of your roof’s surface is a factor that will possibly eliminate some roofing materials especially if the slope is low. Shingles, clay tiles, slate, wood roofs, and shingles are best recommended for houses with steeper slopes.

Homes with low or flat pitched roofs must make use of seamless materials such as metal, built-up tar, gravel, or sprayed polyurethane foam to avoid leaks when water pools on the surface.

Appearance: Ensure that the type of roof or shingles you choose complements the overall appeal of your home. You don’t want to choose a roofing material whose color and texture are not compatible with your home’s exterior finish and style.

This is not saying compromising on the functionality of the roof material just for aesthetic appeal. The color tone should also be factored in, a light-colored roof reflects more heat than a dark roof.

This is in a way to ensure energy efficiency when you subsequently move into your new home.

Cost of Roofing: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a roof is the cost of the materials and the installation. Roofing material and installation costs vary widely in prices and are a difference between affordable to extremely expensive.

Asphalt shingles cost about $125 per 100 square feet, while wood shingles cost about $180 for the same size. Clay tiles and steel roofs range between $210 and $500 per 100 Square feet respectively.

Another factor that could necessarily affect the cost of installation is the shape of your house, if there are intersecting rooflines, the installation cost will be quite expensive.

Durability: You must factor the fact that you will be staying in the house for several years into your choice. While some roofing materials may be less costly than others, the durability of the same is not worth speaking of.

Know that if the price product would last more than twice as long, go for it. You are not saving money by going for a lesser product as you may need to replace the roof in the nearest future.

Before going for roof types, check the warranty and the coverage offered. Lastly, pay attention to details and any other thing that could void the warranty.