How to Choose a Secure Transportation Company for your Records?

Secured delivery of documents and records is necessary for many industries. Companies and businesses want to securely transport their records in the form of CDs, documents, data tapes, and other forms of secure and confidential data materials. Not every transportation or logistics company can be entrusted with transporting data records for you. As such, you should choose an IOR company that is reliable to ensure that your records are not compromised while on transit. Now, regardless of the kind of secure items you want to transport, there are several factors one should consider in choosing a transportation company.  We shall discuss these tips in this write-up.

Tips to choose a secure transport company for your records:

Strong reputation

This is a very important aspect of your secure transportation company that you should bear in mind when choosing one. Is the transportation company well known for their good work? Has the company ever been involved in any hitches in their secure transportation of documents? What caused such shortcomings and how sure are you these problems may not still be rife? When considering reputation, consider issues such as:

  • Adaptation to customer needs
  • Best in class service
  • Focus on superior quality services
  • Cost-effective services

Management of the logistics from the beginning to the end

A good transporter of records and secure documents is one that can deal with their logistics from the beginning to the end. This means that the company should undertake the safe reception of the secure data and documents and transport the same to the receiver. A company that hires third parties may not be as reliable as one that handles the full logistics on its own. When handling secure records, even the packing and the security details given to such records can make all the difference.

Worldwide presence

The worldwide presence of a secure transportation company says a lot about their ability to carry out their roles with diligence and care. Some of the secure transportation companies have synergies in their operations because they can have a single point of contact in the process. In case one needs to transport their secure data across many countries or regions, a suitable company with a worldwide presence makes it easy to deal with the safe transportation of records because they know the custom laws of the various countries and know the right precautions to take as far as such countries are concerned.

Consider the mode of transportation

you need to consider how your records will be transported. In this regard, you may want to consider a transportation company that offers different modes of transportation such as air, road, sea, and online modes of moving documents. The security of these modes of transportation should be your top priority. When considering the mode of transportation, have the following issues in mind:


Records need to be enclosed in suitable containers and suitable padding to ensure they are not damaged in transit. Electronic documents can be packaged in bubble wraps and disc containers or even in sturdy envelopes. Large quantities of records should be packaged in boxes and a list of contents for each box should be listed.


The company should label the records appropriately to ensure ease of identification.

Transfer vehicles

You should choose a company that has the right kind of transfer vehicles. If needed, the right security should be offered to the vehicles to make sure no records are compromised while in transit. For this purpose, always research the kind of vehicles a transportation company owns. Such vehicles should be locked, covered, and attended at all times to ensure the security of your records while on transit.