How to choose an portable oxygen machine?

Along with the heart, lung disease prevalence rate gradually increased, oxygen machine has become a lot of patients home treatment essential. Now oxygen generator as a relatively common medical equipment in the family, suitable for most of the respiratory system diseases and part of the needs of patients with oxygen, from the previous heavy oxygen cylinders to today’s portable, safe oxygen generator, family oxygen therapy has also entered a new era.

Today we will combine some necessary oxygen machine knowledge and we talk about how to choose a quality oxygen machine.

Some necessary oxygen machine knowledge

Excellent oxygen machine Ability

The oxygen-producing ability of an oxygen-producing machine directly determines whether this oxygen-producing machine can bring enough oxygen to users. According to the current regulations of China’s State Food and Drug Administration, the oxygen concentration of oxygen production equipment should be ≥84%. At present, most oxygen production machines in the market claim that the oxygen concentration can reach above 90% in the publicity instructions. Now, it’s important to note that there will be partial oxygen generators, where the nominal oxygen concentration is 90% and the flow rate is 1L/min. As the flow rate increases, the oxygen concentration decreases. Be aware of this before you buy.

Molecular sieve type oxygen generator

Molecular sieve is one of the core components of the oxygen generator, and its main role is to absorb nitrogen and separate oxygen. When we open the molecular sieve pot of the oxygen generator, we will find that the internal medium is all the size of a grain of rice, we call it “zeolite”. Zeolite is also a lot of kinds, generally used in oxygen machine and two kinds, one is called lithium zeolite, one is called sodium zeolite.

Two kinds of zeolite has its characteristics, let’s first say sodium zeolite, compared and, sodium zeolite in the adsorption capacity of nitrogen is stronger than lithium zeolite, raw material price is also more expensive, and lithium zeolite environmental adaptability is stronger than sodium zeolite, especially in moisture resistance. At first, many oxygen generators used sodium zeolite, and then until today most of the use of lithium zeolite, because of its excellent performance, the molecular sieve tank is smaller, so that the oxygen machine structure is more compact.

At the same time, there are some high-end oxygen machine, using lithium based sodium based mixture of molecular sieve, this is more severe, is the lithium based zeolite and sodium based zeolite in a certain proportion after mixing into the sieve pot, so that you can not only to ensure the ability to produce oxygen, but also a strong adaptability.

“Complex” filtering systems

When it comes to filtering, you’re all familiar with it. The filtration system on the oxygen generator is also an important part of the whole equipment. First of all, the primary filtration of any oxygen generator is a simple piece of filter cotton, while the high-end oxygen generator generally USES polyurethane finalized cotton.

Primary filtration removes large particles of dust and impurities from the air. After the primary filtration, the air reaches the secondary filter, where most small particles of dust and impurities are isolated. The style of two filters of different oxygen generator is also different, but the function is the same. The service life of an oxygen generator has a lot to do with the quality of the secondary filters and whether they are replaced on time.

Conventional oxygen machines only have these two filters, but high-end machines also have more sophisticated internal filters, such as inline filters, such as biofilm filters.

The inline filter generally appears in the compressor and the four-way valve (some called solenoid valve or nitrogen discharge valve) between, so also called the compressor inline filter, its main role is the slow release of the compressor to the impact of the four-way valve. Four-way valve is connected to the compressor, two molecular sieve, exhaust muffler four parts, is a very important core components, once the four-way valve problems, is likely to lead to damage to other components, with the compressor inline filter protection, can greatly reduce the probability of four-way valve problems. It plays a great role in prolonging the service life of the oxygen generator. And it is also one of the key factors for the continuous operation of the oxygen generator.

Finally say again biofilm filter, high-end machine will be installed, in the front of the oxygen outlet biofilm filter, pass in front of the filter, to oxygen storage tank of oxygen is very clean, biological membrane filter can again oxygen storage tank of oxygen for an ultimate filter, in the largest extent, ensure the user to clean the oxygen absorption.

Vo2 Max

Many people are not clear about the meaning of 1 L oxygen generator, 3 L oxygen generator and 5 L oxygen generator. In fact, it is the maximum oxygen flow per minute that the oxygen generator can provide under the premise of oxygen concentration guarantee. When the regulated flow rate exceeds the maximum oxygen flow rate, the oxygen concentration will decline, and the oxygen absorption effect will also decline, or even no effect.

On the premise of meeting the national standard of oxygen output concentration of 93%±3, the maximum oxygen output of oxygen generator can be divided into 1L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 9L and 10L as the reference standard to define the adaptability and performance of oxygen generator:

1 L oxygen generator is an oxygen generator whose maximum oxygen output is 1 L/min on the premise that oxygen concentration reaches the standard. The price of this kind of oxygen machine is relatively low, suit to need the pregnant woman that takes oxygen commonly and the mental worker with long working study tension (be like student, company white-collar) etc., basically use at health care, can undertake 30 minutes or so oxygen cure commonly, alleviate temporarily fatigue, energy is more abundant.

3L oxygen generator can meet the standard of medical oxygen, the maximum oxygen output is 3L /min, that is to say, the oxygen flow can be adjusted in the range of 0 ~ 3L /min, can only be less, can not be adjusted higher than 3L /min flow, otherwise the output oxygen is unstable. This kind of make oxygen machine because brand different price is different also, be in commonly more than 2000 arrive 4000 or so, suit to at home old person health care to take oxygen or have a few slow disease (be like disease of hypoxic sex of heart blood vessel, hypertension, tall blood sugar, fat wait) patient oxygen cure at home. The main objective is to improve blood oxygen saturation and prevent the occurrence of some other diseases.

When the oxygen concentration of 5 L oxygen generator reaches the standard, the maximum oxygen output can reach 5 L/min. Suitable for patients with cardiopulmonary functional diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary heart disease).

Continuous oxygen supply time

If it is only used for health care oxygen machine, often small volume, cooling function is relatively poor, can not work for a long time. But most medical oxygen generators used for therapeutic purposes can operate 24 hours a day. For example, patients with copd combined with chronic respiratory failure need at least 15 hours of oxygen intake per day, so they need to buy an oxygen generator that can provide oxygen for a long time, so as not to meet the treatment requirements.

Finally, we remind you that at present domestic oxygenerator brand is various, quality is uneven, so oxygen generator when the choose and buy, recommend choose strength and good reputation, reputation assured brand, both domestic and foreign brands, after-sales maintenance and replacement of parts are especially important, only guaranteed brands to ensure product after-sales maintenance services.