How to Choose the Best Lube – Top Personal Lubricants Review

Choosing a lubricant doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The best help in choosing the right lubricant actually comes from knowing about the different type of lubricants available. Once you have the knowledge behind the types of lubricants that are available it makes it easier to assess the needs you have and prioritize the type that you need. For some people this could be a situation based issue in choosing the best lube for the type of play.

Silicone Based Lubricants

Silicone based lubricants from Lube Zone don’t get nearly as much recognition as they should. This lube is great for different types of play as well as last longer for lengthy play sessions. A little really does go a long way with the silicone variety or lubricants. It needs less application than some other lubricants as it has larger molecules so it doesn’t break down or dry up quickly. Silicone lubricants are great for playing in or around water. Silicone based lubricants can be used with condoms without chemical break down allowing condoms to stay being a safe way to protect against sexual transmitted infection as well as birth control.

When using condoms one should use lubricant as it helps bring more pleasure for partners, a little on the outside and even smaller amount on the inside. This allows for both parties to have enjoyment during play sessions. Condoms tend to be on the dryer side and adding a little lube can make it feel more natural to both.

Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubes are great for people who have sensitive skin as the ingredients are usually more natural. This type of lube is great for solo play or partner play and goes well with many adult toys as well as condoms. Water based lubricants are one of the top bought lubricants for many reasons. They are usually cheaper than others for starters, as well as cause less irritations. Water based lubes are slippery feeling which makes for a more natural feel. They often need more application due to being water based and the skin soaking the lubricant up. They also dry up quicker than silicone based or oil based lubricants which also means they are easier for clean up.  Most arousal lubricants are made with water based lubricants, as well as the lubricants with flavors for oral play.

Arousal lubes can enhance play time by giving users a heated tingly feeling. While great for getting the mood set some of these can cause irritations due to ingredients. Some use ginger for heating which can cause some serious heat. Flavored lubes enhance play time by allowing more time for arousal on a natural level. Oral play may not be for everyone but the flavored lubricants can help with that too.


There are many different lubes available assessing your and/ or your partner personal needs helps in finding the best lubrication. Assessing situational play sessions can allow for a better understanding of what type of lube may be needed for different play sessions.