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How to choose the right fleet tracking technology 

Managing a fleet is like peeling an onion – there is layer after layer that needs attending to. As a fleet manager, you have to shoulder the responsibility of the administrative and logistical work, as well as coordinating jobs between drivers.

The job can be tedious and overwhelming. However, technological advancements have provided many solutions and simplified manual jobs. Many fleet-tracking solutions encompass a variety of features. These features enhance the productivity of your fleet.

With the right tracking technology, you can boost the productivity of your drivers, streamline your operations, and manage costs effectively.

As a fleet manager, your main priority is to create a safe, productive environment for your drivers while increasing customer satisfaction, all at a nominal cost. With the right GPS fleet tracking system, everything is possible.

Why Should You Install a GPS Fleet Management System?

The right fleet management system will reduce the burden of work on you. It will improve driver productivity; it monitors driving activity and keeps you in the loop. A fleet management system has several advantages.

Know where your drivers are at all times: By using GPS technology, the fleet management system keeps a tab on your driver’s location. You will know where they are and what routes they are taking in real time.

Monitor your driver’s performance: These technologies detect harsh driving activity like rapid acceleration and braking. If the driver is being unsafe, you will receive a notification immediately. It also records idling time.

Keep an eye on fuel consumption: It also records fuel usage. Additionally, the system also lays out better routes with less traffic. You can see how much fuel is wasted by referring to idle time.

Locate your assets whenever you’d like: In businesses like these, the risk of theft always runs high. With a good fleet tracking solution, you will always know where your goods are at all times. You can keep an eye on your vehicles, equipment, etc.

Better maintenance of vehicles: These systems also detect any anomalies in your cars and trucks. You get an immediate alert in case any issues need your attention. Additionally, you can also set up alerts and alarms for when your vehicle is due for a check-up.

It ensures that your vehicle is maintained well and will not be in any danger.

Satisfy your customers: With improved quality of service, you can make your customers happy. The goods will reach your customers sooner. Additionally, they will also be able to track their order.

Customers will know when to expect their order by, and if they cannot pick it up, they can let you know in advance.

For all the reasons mentioned above, we recommend installing a robust fleet management system that enhances your operations while making you, your team, and your customers happy.

Choose the right fleet management technology for your fleet

Choosing the right fleet management technology is imperative.

Costs, features, and implementation- various factors make technology the right fit for you.

Easy to Use

Many fleet management technologies are complicated, and integrating them into your day-to-day life is hard.

On the other hand, many simple, easy-to-use technologies are easy to adapt to.

Many companies allow you to go for a demo first before committing to a brand. Most recommend opting for a trial first before you finally choose one. It means you can explore your options before settling on the system which best works for you.

Vehicle Diagnostics

In today’s time, performing vehicle diagnostics is a very prized feature in most GPS technologies. It enables you to keep track of fuel consumption, engine health, idle time, etc. You have an insight that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s health.

As soon as a problem is detected, you will receive a notification.

You can fix it as soon as it arises and prevent it from turning into a bigger problem.

Driving Behaviour

Tracking driving behavior is one of the best advantages offered by this solution. Some fleet management systems have a feature that can identify aggressive driving. It promotes safe driving behaviors and makes your fleet more secure.

You can always keep an eye on your drivers’ thanks to fast notifications and clear driver scoreboards. It is possible to retrain reckless drivers while encouraging cautious ones to improve their driving abilities.

Customizable Notifications and Dashboard

Most telematics software provides real-time notifications. There are many types of them, as these solutions notify you of literally every single activity of your fleet. You can customize these notifications according to your priorities.

Many businesses also provide personalized dashboards, allowing you to streamline operations and concentrate on what matters most. You may design user-friendly dashboards tailored to your needs by customizing your dashboard.

Want to know if your driver is exceeding the speed limit? Or do you want to be updated with their duty status at all times? It’s all possible if you choose the right fleet management system.

Monthly Subscription or One-Time Payment

The costs of a fleet management system vary greatly. Most companies have a monthly or quarterly subscription policy (the former is more common). You can cancel your subscription at any time in the future.

Some companies have a sizable one-time payment and they do not charge you anything after that.

There are also annual subscriptions available in the market, along with pay-as-you-go plans. If you want to test the waters with a monthly subscription or dive into a long-term commitment, you can choose a tracker which best fits your financial requirements.

Apps and Mobile Access

Since these are cloud-based solutions, they can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Most of them come with easy-to-use apps. They usually have a user-friendly interface. All you need is a stable internet or WiFi connection for the same.


These features often distinguish one fleet management system from another. Of the several options in the market, find the tracking solution that works best for you. Also, many insurance companies see fleet management systems as a sign of responsibility and safety.

If you install one, you may have to pay lower insurance premiums and receive more insurance benefits than most.

Hence, it is recommended to install a fleet management system. It will benefit your business, drivers, and customers, enabling you to provide a holistic, more satisfactory service.


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