How to clean an office chair

There are a variety of office or massage chairs in the market to match your needs and requirements. We choose these chairs according to our needs for work at our workplace. Due to excessive and regular use, Office chairs can get dirty and need regular cleaning for long-term usage.

The regular users of the chairs often ask the question that how to clean and maintain a massage chair to make it look like a new chair.

So you are in the right place and the right article. With the passage of time, you have to face issues like splitting coffee or tea or dropping off food during eating. In this way, your chair may get some stains.

Here we will give you tips that you can use for cleaning your office chair or massage chair.

To start the process of cleaning your massage chair, you need to get the items and tools that can be used during this cleaning process. It would be best to have a water-based cleaner, dry cloth, dish soap, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Tips for cleaning fabric office chairs

You can start cleaning by vacuuming the entire chair by attaching a brush with a vacuum to remove any debris from your chair.

Also, read out the instructions from the chair maker to check if there are any cautions about using a cleaner for your chair. For instance, in some chairs, you cannot use water-based cleaners and have to use a dry cleaner that is available in the market in both powder and liquid form.

You can put a small amount of cleaner on a cloth to rub gently for removing stains from the chair. Make sure not to apply cleaner directly to the chair but through a cloth. After this, you can use a dry cloth to remove any residue from the chair

If your chair allows you to use water-based cleaners, then you have some options to clean your chair. If you are using foam cleaner, then put it on your chair and let it dry for a few minutes and after that, rinse it off by using a cleaner and then use a vacuum to complete the cleaning.

Another method that you can use is to use a solution of soap and water for cleaning your office chair. Mix water with soap, apply it to your chair, and use a cloth to remove the chair’s stains. Then, rinse out the extra soap by using a dry cloth.

Tips for cleaning plastic or metal office chairs

A mixture of soap and water is the best option for cleaning a plastic office chair. If there are some intense stains and your chair is very dirty, you can add a few extra drops of soap to the mixture to increase its effectiveness.

Use a cloth to gently remove stains and rinse it with a damp cloth. Cleaning a plastic chair is far easier and more convenient than a fabric chair because you can use any cleaner for plastic chairs because it has no danger of harming the chair’s material.

Perhaps you have to flip over the chair and take off the wheels to clean them if you have some additional time.

Much hair and dirt get stuck in the wheels, but you can remove that debris by using a simple knife. You can use this tip for cleaning your office chair after a few months to make your chair new and long-lasting

Use warm water and soap

If you see any hard smudge or blemish on your office chair, use warm water and soap to remove the stains from your chair. In this way, you can easily remove hard spots of any spills from your chair.

And for this cleaning, you don’t need any special soap, but you can use any dish soap by putting it on a cloth and then using that cloth for rubbing the chair. Blotting plays a vital role in removing stains because it will put out the chair’s stain-causing compounds.

Cleaning a mesh office chair

The finest cleaner for mesh is dish soap, and you can get the best results from this.

Same as the fabric office chair, start your cleaning process by vacuuming with the brush add-on to get rid of any debris. Make sure to use the vacuum with care so that it doesn’t harm the material of the chair, and you do have not to face any problems.

Then mix a slight amount of warm water and dish soap and dip a clean cloth in it. Squeeze it out if required. Wipe out stains and let air dry when you complete your task. Through this, you can clean your mesh office chair easily

Cleaning a Leather office chair

Cleaning the leather chair is often easier than cleaning other types of office chairs because PU leather does not absorb oils from your body, but they always remain an issue of stains on the chair surface. You can use cleaning foam to remove stains from the chair conveniently.

But make sure not to use those cleaners for car seats because they are too harsh for the office chair’s material.

To start with, apply a small amount of cleaner on a dry cloth and rub the stain.

Use a small amount of warm water to make its effects more efficient. Then use a clean, dry cloth to rinse off the clean office chair. And if you want some extra protection for your chair, you can add a leather protectant while cleaning it.


You can clean your office/massage chair by following the above tips and make your chair new and attractive like a new chair. Cleaning your chair on a regular basis will help your chair to last long. Make sure to clean the wheels and armrests too while cleaning the chair.

People often get confused about how to clean an office chair, but these tips will help them clean their office or massage chairs. These simple and easy steps will make your chair look better and increase its lifetime.