How to compose SMS messages for mass mailing

SMS mailing is not new, but still an effective way to get the right information to a potential client. SMS service is a stable service that is available even in the absence of social networks or e-mail.

The manager is only required to compose a text that attracts attention and succinctly outlines all the benefits of the offer. Mailing allows you to reach existing customers, as well as attract new ones.

This way you can quickly inform the target audience of news, discounts, and other promotions. An SMS message contains concentrated information and this compares favorably with an e-mail.

What’s good about this method

Unlike a phone call, which may not arrive on time, SMS mailing is not a distraction for a person who is busy working. The message patiently waits for the client in an incoming folder. It can be read out of the office, at home, in a quiet environment – that is, when there is enough time to carefully read the text.

Mass messaging service has a number of strengths:

  • He can briefly explain to the client all the advantages of the offer, describe the novelty, inform them about discounts.
  • The attention of the customer will not be scattered.
  • Allows you to reach virtually the entire target audience, because everyone has a phone, in contrast to specific messengers.
  • You can leave a link in the message with additional information about a product or service, which will take the customer to the desired resource.
  • SMS mailing substantially saves money on advertising because it allows you to do without making flyers, posters, banners and leaflets.

Statistics show that a customer who has already worked with you will read your message 90% of the time.

Helpful tips

The effectiveness of an SMS newsletter depends on how well-written the text is.

Obviously, the preview of the SMS should interest the client so much that he does not hesitate to open the message. Such an effect can be achieved by considering the following recommendations:

  • Excessive clerical and familiarity are equally harmful. In writing, try to maintain the tone of communication that is used on your site or on social media. People want an unobtrusive and friendly relationship, including if it’s between a seller and a buyer.
  • The sentence should contain the main idea of the message: discounts, promotions, new goods, sales, etc. Don’t be shy about loudly stating your ideas or offers – it’s these that will attract the customer.
  • There is always room for an exception. An unusual approach, different from those used by your competitors. This will make your letter stand out and it will definitely attract attention. But remember – such an approach will require a constant flow of new creative ideas.
  • Do not forget that you are communicating to the widest possible audience. Therefore, the text must be understandable to both the professor and the employee at the car wash. Proposals should be short, simple, but accessible and contain specific information. Avoid the official tone. Light humor will only go to the plus. The main thing is in moderation and with taste.
  • Oversimplification is as harmful as over-chewing. Of course, over a text would have to work hard to put of information into an attractive form.
  • A message is an appeal. Therefore, his text should contain information that will move the customer to action. Good links will not be superfluous.
  • Experiment with appeals. Often it can not be a direct appeal, and a successful slogan, which will cause interest. For example, instead of the phrase «20% off fish today»,  you can write «Cat’s Paradise». Such an approach allows you to completely avoid advertising discounts, as such, while steadily attracting attention.

The main task of the SMS is to convincingly and effectively inform the client about the benefits he will receive by agreeing to cooperate. It is also important to remind them that the offer is limited in time.

The feeling of a possible loss stimulates a person to make a quick decision. If the deadline is not specified, the client will simply decide to come back to the message later, and most likely just forget about it.

Writing should be based on market conditions, target audience, purchasing power. You can not sell something in which there is no need. But you can create that need. The SMS service is an effective way to do this.