How to convert PDF to Excel for free online

Adobe PDF is the standard for the secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms around the world. Adobe PDF files are compact and comprehensive and can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone with Adobe Reader® software.

But can you convert PDF to Excel? Many people think that PDFs cannot be reused or edited in Word, Excel, etc. Many PDF files can be converted into Word, Excel, and other office files by conversion software for reuse.

The purpose of this article is to share the method of PDF to Excel to improve your work efficiency.

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What PDF files can be converted into Excel?

The ability to convert from PDF to Office depends on whether a security is set, including PDF to Excel and Merge PDF.

PDFs can have security set by the creator.

If the creator of the PDF does not set security, it can be converted to Word or Ichitaro as it is, but if the “Copy content” item is set to “Do not allow” in the security settings of the PDF, the PDF cannot be copied or extracted from within data.

So the conversion process cannot be performed using the PDF as it is.

Convertible PDF

  • PDF without security.
  • A PDF with security settings but Copy Content set to Allow.

PDF that cannot be converted

  • A PDF cannot be opened because a viewing password is set and the password is unknown.
  • PDFs with “Copy Content” set to “Not Allowed” in Security Settings.

PDF files that cannot be converted to Excel?

Even PDF files that cannot be converted can be processed using OCR (Optical Character Reading) by first printing them on paper, scanning the printout with a scanner, and converting it to an image.

There is various OCR software that can convert images to Word and Excel.

Antenna House’s “Shunkan PDF Conversion” has the function of reading paper documents directly from a scanner, converting them into images, and converting them into Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Ichitaro.

This method cannot be used because printing cannot be performed if the PDF security settings do not allow printing. If you really want to convert it, it’s best to use PDF to JPG with the result shown on your computer display Screenshots are kept.

How to convert electronic document PDF to Excel

Electronic document PDF contains various information for PDF display/printing software such as Adobe Reader to visualize PDF on a personal computer screen. The information in the PDF includes detailed data such as text information and font settings (font family, font size, etc.).

Decrypt information in PDFs to Office documents. You can create office documents with higher accuracy than the OCR method described in the next section. PDF to Excel is an online service tool that uses internal transcoding.

It not only has high conversion accuracy but also is safe and free, and very easy to use.