How to cook amazing food over a wood fire

For the best part of one million years, human beings have been cooking with wood. In spite of the fact that modern cooking appliances have improved the way that we prepare our meals, the fact remains that cooking over a naked flame has many benefits.

After all, is there anything better than a smoked joint of meat or some flame-grilled veggies? We don’t think so! Read on to discover some of the most delicious foods that you can cook to perfection over a wood-fuelled fire.

Pulled pork

The phrase ‘low and slow’ was made for pulled pork.

Although it takes between two and three hours to cook pulled pork to perfection, it’s an ideal candidate for smoking over an open fire. To get started, put together a pan of veggie stock, garlic, onions, and the spices of your choice.

The low and slow method will ensure that your pork is succulent and tender, and you can finish things off over an open flame to get that crispy crackling that’s so delicious – pulled pork perfection!

Alaskan salmon

In the communities up and down the Pacific Northwest, families have been smoking salmon straight out of the water for a long time now. In most cases, Alaskan salmon is best smoked over oak or hickory, as they add to the delicious flavor of the fish.

Grab some high-quality fish from the fishmonger or your local grocery store, and prepare the fillets by rubbing them with salt and oil. You can then smoke them over an open fire until they’re cooked to perfection, and you will have found your new favorite recipe!

Buffalo wings

Americans love buffalo wings; there’s no doubt about it. After all, they’re a tantalizingly tasty treat when cooked properly and can serve as the perfect appetizer or starter when you’re hosting a dinner party.

When you smoke the meat over an open fire and combine it with a homemade BBQ sauce, you will have a taste sensation on your hands. Just make sure you grab some napkins, as these bad boys are messy!

Corn on the cob

The perfect accompaniment to all of the above wood-smoked recipes is corn on the cob.

People in the south eat corn on the cob like it’s going out of fashion, but it really should be a BBQ essential all around the world. It’s up to you whether you remove the husks before smoking your corn.

But be sure to add some paprika and a knob of butter to inject a little extra life into your corn. Your guests will think you’ve taken them to a Louisiana smokehouse if you pull off fire-smoked corn on the cob, so it’s well worth the effort.

Wood-smoked brownies

Wood-smoked brownies – really? Absolutely!

This delicious dessert couldn’t be easier to throw together, and you will be left with a gooey chocolate indulgence with a unique taste. The smokey flavor contrasts with the sweetness of the chocolate to create a more-ish treat that won’t last for very long!

Trust us, you’re going to want to try out this wood-smoked dessert.

Now that you know what you’re going to smoke, it’s time to choose the ideal wood for cooking.

Homefire’s kiln-dried firewood is the perfect fuel for your fire, as it has been dried to a moisture content of less than 20%. This means that it burns long and true and is ideal for preparing your signature dishes.