How to create comics the Stan Lee way

Are you an aspiring comic writer or artist? Wondering if you have what it takes to tread on the trails created by the likes of Stan Lee and Jason Aaron? Do you find yourself getting caught in mystical worlds filled with heroic characters and obnoxious villains? Then its time you get serious about entering the comic book industry.

The comic book industry is as hot as it can get with the rise in comic-based movies in the past few years since the year 1997. Here’s a simple and fun way to get the ball rolling.

  1. Study the Basics of Comic Art

Read, read and read more is the mantra behind every successful person who has made it big in any field. You can explore the world of comics studies by reading relevant books in this space. It is essential to learn about the structure of comics, how to convey complex emotions and ideas and how-to bring texts to life through images to find your feet in this field. Immerse yourself in the world of comics and explore all genres to know what interests you the most. Pick the genre you are most comfortable with to get started.

A comic book artist or writer tells a story about everyday life, current trends and imaginary worlds with humour and sometimes exaggeration. An artist may create the main character while the writer adds voice to it. Figure out your strengths as an artist or a writer. A comic strip is not always created by one individual. Attend tutorials and workshops bases on your learning styles.

  1. Acquire Skills and Techniques

The basic skills to become a comic writer or artist can be innate such as good sense of creativity, humour and imagination with additional abilities such as drawing or writing. But some of this can be sharpened with daily practice – Doodle, doodle, write, write. Increasingly most of the comics are digital, hence the need to get familiarized with software such as Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop. A Wacom tablet is a great investment for comic and manga creators. There’s nothing as good as the old-fashioned pen and paper. Buy a wide range of pencils from 6H to 2B and let the creative juices do the rest.

  1. Explore Fun avenues to create your own comics

The internet offers several fun and innovative ways for comic artists and writers to try their hand at creating a world of their own. You can explore free platforms that help you create your own online personas and weave stories around them.

Marvel comics has invited comic artists and writers to “Write Your Own Marvel” through their 64 page book with empty speech balloons and captions so that you give your own voice to the mighty superheroes and unleash your imaginative side. You can also explore the Create your own super-hero initiative by Marvel to design Iron Man’s suit or create your own version of Spider Man. Easy and fun right?

Image: Marvel Site

Also, attend comic cons and fun conventions for that extra inspiration!

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  1. Learn how to make your story more engaging

At the crux of comic art, lies a great story-line.  Storytelling is an art which can be honed with practice. As a comic artist/ writer, you have the ultimate responsibility in giving life to a character through images and words. Some of the key aspects you need to look into are narrative patterns, engaging content, social acceptance (or not), cultural significance, target audience etc. Solidifying on how your story will be structured and who it will be told to will give you a good foundation to build your comic.

  1. Get started with your own webcomic website

Having your own webcomic website is a great way to add value to your portfolio. Webcomics such as TwoKinds and Not A Villain have gained massive popularity in the past few years. If you already have a persona in your imaginary world then what better than to give him or her life? Creating your own webcomic website is no rocket science.

Getting started on your dream comic can be fun if you follow these simple steps. Always remember, a rested mind is the key to creativity. So, relax and get going!