How to Disinfect your Home Against Covid-19

The Covid-19 situation has made us rethink our ways of personal hygiene and how we should clean our homes. Earlier, cleaning used to mean using soap and water to remove visible dirt from surfaces. But, with more knowledge pouring in about the virus, we are now aware that the virus can infect us on direct contact with respiratory droplets from an infected person.

Additionally, it has been found that the virus stays on surfaces like wood, glass, metals, and others for several hours. The way the virus has been spreading rapidly shows that stronger methods of cleaning for Covid-19 are essential. All these make it necessary to disinfect your home using the right methods and materials.

First, let us look at the differences between plain cleaning and disinfecting.

Disinfecting and plain cleaning

Ordinary cleaning involves the use of soap and water for removing dirt and germs from surfaces. This kind of cleaning kills germs to some extent but not at the same level as that of a disinfectant. Studies reveal that it has become necessary to frequently disinfect high-contact surfaces like doorknobs, keyboards, phones, and others. We also need to disinfect those items we carry with us when we go outside, like purses and keys, since it is likely that they must have been infected.

Even though we may feel we are disinfecting properly, it is better to follow the guidance of experts. Let us look at some of the right techniques recommended by Response Bio Clean to disinfect your home.

The right way to disinfect your home against Covid-19

These are the important points worth remembering:

Use the right cleaning products

Not all cleaning products are effective in removing viruses from surfaces. The product you use must have been tested for its effectiveness against the covid-19 virus. It is prudent to follow the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency who has compiled a list of suitable household cleaning products that kill Covid-19.

Let the disinfectant stay on surfaces

Disinfecting will be effective only if you follow instructions correctly. It has been recommended you let the disinfectant remain on a surface for at least a few minutes before letting it air dry. The reason given by experts is that the disinfectant takes time to damage the walls of the pathogens. The disinfectant does not immediately kill the virus on contact. So it becomes essential to let the disinfectant linger on all surfaces for two to three minutes minimum.

Prepare your own disinfectant solution

Instead of buying a disinfectant over the shelf, you can make your own by following the directions recommended by experts. The right quantity would be to mix around five tablespoons of bleach with a gallon of water. Another vital point to note is never to mix items like ammonia and bleach as they can release harmful gases unsuitable for respiration.

Keep chemicals away from pets and children

After preparing your disinfectant, you need to store it carefully in a safe place/ You need to remember that the liquid can be very harmful if ingested by mistake. So, take care that you keep it away from the reach of little children and pets. Ensure sufficient ventilation while preparing a disinfectant and keep the windows open and the fans running. Leave the cleaning to adults, and never let kids use disinfectant wipes for cleaning surfaces.

Protect your skin adequately

Skin irritations have been a common complaint during this pandemic. This happens due to the frequent use of harsh chemicals and bleach and the skin’s exposure to them. So, if you want to avoid skin issues like rashes, it is better to wear gloves while dealing with disinfectants. It is advisable to wear eye protection, closed shoes, and a medical mask as a shield against splashing.

Disinfecting the right way

Health experts point out that while cleaning, rubbing helps to destroy pathogens. This is the reason why it has been recommended to rub your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. The same method is essential when cleaning other surfaces. The friction mechanism is believed to destroy the pathogens.

Special care for your electronic items

You need to remember that harsh chemicals or bleaches can damage your electronic items like keyboards, game controllers, or mobile screens. It is recommended to use a product with a minimum of 70% alcohol for disinfecting. Never forget to wear gloves while cleaning. You can use disinfectant wipes and rub the electronic surfaces thoroughly. After disinfecting, leave the surfaces for drying.

With the speedy rise in Covid-19 infections worldwide, we realize how cleaning for Covid-19 with methods like disinfecting can help to break the virus’s spread. When you disinfect your home, you make your living space inhospitable for the virus to survive and infect the inhabitants.