How To Do a Basic Tarot Reading for Yourself?

Tarot card reading was associated with the occult during ancient times but is currently trending online. You will find numerous readers offering their services on different social media platforms.

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Would you like to learn the basics of tarot card reading and do it yourself?

What To Do Before Reading a Tarot Card?

Keep in mind that tarot cards will not tell you the future. They are an instrument used for spiritual guidance, allowing you to connect to your inner wisdom and help you understand a particular situation.

To maximize your learning experience, you need to know some things before reading tarot cards.

Pick a Good Tarot Card Deck – Look for a tarot card deck that you are most drawn to, for starters. With hundreds of available choices, you can opt for the traditional type or choose a more modern design that suits your personality.

A tarot deck has 78 cards divided into 22 major and 56 minor arcana. Each card has its meaning and representation.

Practice Makes Perfect – Even if you have the natural ability to read and understand tarot cards, practicing will enhance your skill and help you get a good reading. It’s also a good way of learning what each card represents at a glance without checking the book that usually comes with the deck.

Have Fun – Remember to have fun while learning how to read tarot cards. Try pulling three cards from your deck before going out. Interpret the card and compare your reading with the outcome.

How To Do a Reading for Yourself?

The start of doing a tarot reading for yourself is knowing how to interpret each card combined with your innate intuition and wisdom. To begin the actual reading, grab your tarot deck and follow the steps we will provide. On second thought, you can do rituals as other readers do.

Some burn some herbs, use crystals, ring chimes, or bells, while others take a bath first before starting their reading.

Shuffle and Ask – While shuffling your tarot card, think of a clear and open-ended question regarding a specific aspect in your life that needs clarity and guidance. Keep an open heart and mind to prepare yourself to receive the answer to your question, be it good or bad.

There is no specific rule in shuffling, but your intuition will let you know when to stop and start dealing with the card and lay out a spread. Most beginners use three to five cards for their spread.

Once they are all laid down on the table, you can interpret the cards based on what you have learned. The answer to your question depends on how the card is laid out as you deal. Also, it is okay to get additional cards to clarify the initial ones.

Professional readers recommend not to repeat your question if you are unsatisfied with the answer to avoid confusion. Accept the answer and focus on how you react and the best action to take. If you feel lost with a card, you can always refer to the guidebook and check its meaning.

Record Your Reading – One of the best ways to learn fast and improve your skill is to record every completed reading. You can refer to these readings in the future and compare results. You can also check out other tarot reading sites to get an insight into how they interpret the spread.

Common Mistakes When Reading Tarot Card for Yourself

Making a spread and reading for yourself may become inaccurate and confusing if you make the following mistakes while interpreting the cards.

You Are Highly Emotional During the Read – It’s not a good idea to read for yourself if you are emotionally worked up, as it will affect how you interpret the cards. You have to ensure that you remain calm, focused, and objective every time you do a personal tarot card reading.

You Keep on Pulling Cards To Clarify – Before doing a personal read, remember that it’s okay to clarify the spread once or twice, but you have to stop there. Some readers keep on clarifying until they get the answer they want which leads to drawing out multiple cards and confusing the reading.

You Do Multiple Reads for the Same Topic – Some tarot enthusiasts keep on drawing different spreads for a single topic. Doing this practice will only confuse you since you will get varying answers.

Before starting, commit to a single read for a specific topic and record the result. If nothing changes in a month, you can read and compare it with the previous one.

You Interpret the Reading According To Your Desired Result – The most challenging part of doing a tarot reading for yourself is staying objective and accepting what the spread conveys. It’s okay to do a personal read.

However, it’s also a good practice to ask the opinion of another tarot reader and provide you with an objective interpretation.

The Basics of Tarot Reading

Doing a personal read is an excellent way of connecting to your intuition and helping you find the answers within. There is no right or wrong way of dealing cards and making a spread. However, you have to be objective and follow practices that feel right for you.