How to Earn and Claim Bonus Money with Promotion Codes for Sports Betting

Online betting has become a favourite pastime that has gained a massive following among thousands of sports lovers worldwide. Besides being a platform offering much-needed fun, online sports betting can also increase your bankroll when done rightly.

By offering bonuses like the Bet9ja promo code, different sportsbooks give the punters excellent opportunities to earn various forms of rewards and bonus money.

Let’s say you have a valid promo code in hand. How do you use it to earn and claim bonus money for sports betting?

How to Earn Bonuses with Promotion Codes?

While bonuses are not free money, it is about as close you can get to it. Free bet and bonus offers are an excellent way to boost your potential payouts or add additional credits to the account.

There are different kinds of promotions offered by other online sportsbooks. Each of these promo codes lets you earn bonus money in different ways.

Here is a breakdown of how different promotional codes offered by sportsbooks help earn bonus money for sports betting.

Promo Codes Offering Deposit Bonuses

Deposit match bonuses are one of the most popular of all rewards. When you make a deposit, the sportsbook will match the deposit amount up to a specific percentage.

Most renowned sportsbooks will match 100% of the first deposit you make, up to a particular amount.

Bet9ja promo code is a prime example of this. Some promo codes provided by the betting site Bet9ja may offer exclusive bonuses of 100% on deposits up to 100,000 Naira. Using promo codes with this offer will give you good returns for any sports betting.

Promo Codes Offering Free Bets

Free bets are another sought-after promotion that many online sportsbooks offer. Free bets can be used to earn bonus money safely.

Matched free bets let you place a wager, which will then be matched in the form of a bonus.

Since you are betting free money, it will be worth it to try your hand with bigger numbers without hesitation because there are higher chances of earning a good amount of bonus money this way.

Once you earn the bonus money with the promotion codes, how do you claim or redeem it?

How to Claim Bonus Money with Promotion Codes?

If you have a valid promo code in hand, you can use it to claim the bonus that comes with it. Claiming the bonus money is a very straightforward process, even for the new bettors.

Follow the steps given below to claim the bonus money with promotion codes.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Firstly, read the terms and conditions pertaining to the bonus and determine whether you have to enter the code during the registration or deposit process.

Register On the Bookmakers Site

Then, visit the bookmaker’s site by following the link provided with the promo code and begin the registration process. Follow the instructions on the site and enter all the details as required.

Enter the Promotion Code

Depending on the type of promo code, enter it in the required field on the registration site. Once you are done with it, accept the terms and conditions policy and push the final button on the registration process.

Claim the Bonus Money

Now that you have registered on the site, you can now claim the bonus money for sports betting. If it is a deposit bonus, you can claim the bonus money once you deposit the money and meet the wagering requirements.

If it is a free bet, you will receive it once you meet the qualifying conditions, which vary for different offers. For instance, if you want to claim the Bet9ja promo code, you will be able to claim the deposit bonus after you register with the sportsbook.

In this digital world, betting online will only grow bigger and better as many punters and sportsbooks join the industry. As the business grows, bonuses and rewards will also increase. So, choose a reliable sportsbook and use the promo codes wisely to earn good bonus money.