How to find out if YOUR partner is unfaithful! Man claims ‘genius’ water bottle trick exposes cheats

How to find out if YOUR partner is unfaithful! Man claims his ‘genius’ water bottle trick exposes cheaters (but some say there’s a huge flaw to his plan)

A man has sparked fierce debate online after claiming his water bottle trick can expose if someone is being unfaithful.

Daniel Hentshcel, from LA, went viral on TikTok over the weekend when he shared his unusual way of testing partners.

The social media star – who boasts 995,000 followers on the platform – urged viewers to pick up a water bottle from a charity shop.

Speaking in his viral video, he explained: ‘Buy a used water bottle from Goodwill that could theoretically belong to anyone.’

Next, he recommended placing it somewhere in your partner’s car and pretending to just stumble upon it yourself.  

Social media star Daniel Hentshcel, from LA, urged viewers to pick up a water bottle from a charity shop and then place it in their partner’s car [stock photo]

Instructing viewers exactly what to do next, Daniel told them to hand it over and say: ‘Here’s your water bottle.’ 

He continued: ‘Use this exact phrasing. This only works if they think you think it’s theirs.’

If they don’t have anything to hide from you, Daniel says the partner will have no issue telling them that it’s not their bottle. 

He added: ‘They’ll admit they don’t know whose it is because you’ve made them feel like you trust them.’

Alternatively, the social media star says someone who is being unfaithful in a relationship will have no issue lying about the water bottle. 

He explained: ‘If they are cheating, they’ll go along with you and pretend it’s theirs.’

What’s more, Daniel says the method would also work in your partner’s bedroom or around their home. 

Daniel’s video has amassed over seven million views in the past 24 hours and divided viewers. 

‘BYE THIS IS GENIUS,’ one replied.

‘This man is ex-FBI agent,’ another joked. 

A third said: ‘This one’s actually good advice.’ 

What’s more, a fourth impressed viewer wrote: ‘I’m gonna try this 100%.’ 

‘Honestly,’ a fifth said. ‘This is smart.’ 

However, others took issue with Daniel’s ‘test’ and claimed it wouldn’t work for every couple.

Arguing that it was inherently flawed, one critic said: ‘My husband doesn’t pay attention to anything.

‘I would literally think it was his.’ 

Another added: ‘As someone with horrible memory, I’d probably think I did buy it.’ 

Speaking from experience, a third replied: ‘My ex did this with men’s deodorant.

‘I legit just thought it was my son’s…’

‘Or just find someone you can trust,’ a fourth mused.

‘My boyfriend is so scatterbrained,’ a fifth added.

‘He would probably just think it was his.’