How to find the cheapest quote for brand new Mercedes Benz?

The online resources that are now available have made it easy to show the way to car warranty companies. This has opened up more options for getting the cheapest quote. The traditional shopping technique holds good when you are looking for it.

The dealership from where you have purchased the brand new Mercedes Benz will be too eager to offer you a car warranty. And there is no reason why you should decline the offer unless you want to get the cheapest quote.

Some may think that when the dealership is offering the car warranty, is it really possible to get cheaper rates elsewhere?

Taking a close look at the car warranty market will reveal some interesting facts that should encourage you to settle for nothing less than the best which can also turn out to be the cheapest.

Take advantage of the price cushion

The eagerness with which the dealership salesman pitches for the manufacturer’s car warranty even before you have penned the deal for buying the car can be interpreted in only one way. There is something so much attractive for the salesman in selling car warranties that his enthusiasm to promote it often surpasses the urge to sell the car itself.

And this is a pointer to the fact that dealerships make very good money from car warranties that have a considerable margin attached to them.  Use this point as your anchor for hard negotiations and see how it can pave the way for securing the cheapest auto assurance.

Time it right

While the salesman would insist that the best time to take the car warranty is when you are buying the car, it is never binding on you. You can defer your decision and delink it with the buying process to make a call later. This gives you the opportunity to look for comparative rates from other dealers and you would be better placed to negotiate the deal.

You have time to decide about a car warranty till the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. This means you get anything between 3 to 5 years to think about it and take it at the opportune moment within the period of the manufacturer’s warranty.

More the merrier

To leverage your negotiating powers obtain at least three quotes to get an idea about the price range and the services that are offered. This would place you better to think about the most rational price that would form the basis of your negotiation.

Instead of picking up the lowest quote, the cheapest quote would be the one that offers ample service and coverage so that you do not have to bear any additional expenses at a later stage.

The most notable point is that do not deviate from the manufacturer, whose offer will surely be higher than third parties.  Too much focus on the cheapest rate might lead to delinking it with the quality of service, which can prove to be a disaster later.

Derive satisfaction from the fact that you have done a good negotiation, although the rate per se is may not be the lowest.