How to Find The Most Rewarding Promotional Products in Melbourne

Melbourne is a coastal city spread across 9,992 km². According to the latest figures, there are around 16,700 business establishments in Melbourne.  It is a common practice followed by businesses to use promotional products as advertisements.

If you are a Melbourne business owner, you would want to use this age-old strategy of gifting promotional products to your customers and clients. With so many options in promotional products, how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips for finding the most rewarding promotional products Melbourne.

Gift Useful Products

Do you know Melbourne city is around 186 years old? The city has been able to maintain its charm and conserve its culture for centuries. When you select promotional products, one characteristic you desire is longevity. You would want to make sure your customers or clients use your promotional product for many years.

According to marketing experts, 69% of consumers will be happy to receive a useful promotional product.  Do you know around 77% of consumers feel they like keeping promotional products due to their usefulness? There are several promotional products in Melbourne that can score high in usefulness. Some of the products that prove helpful to the general public are USB flash drives, stress balls, personal care products, and many more.

Select Products Relevant to Your Brand

According to the latest data available, the estimated resident population of Melbourne is 178,955.  There are around 89,200 residential dwellings.  The median age of the population is 28 years. It means the people of the city are old enough to do the things they desire. The promotional products you will give them should be helpful and relevant to your business, as it will be easy for the customer to recall your brand. For example, if you run a clinic, consider using promotional products like hand sanitisers and wipes or any personal care products relevant to your business and helpful to customers. Thus whenever your customer uses these products, they shall remember your clinic.

Similarly, if you run a food or drink manufacturing company, you could gift tea towels with your branding. These items are of daily use, and every time your customer or client wears them, he/ she will recall your brand.

Choose Quality Products

The quality of promotional products is an essential factor. It is associated with your company’s reputation. If you give promotional products of sub-standard quality, they will not last long, and they might create a negative impression of your company.

Backpacks, business bags, glassware, printed mugs, printed water bottles, and several other items can be good promotional products. These products can have clear branding that will help in the recall of the brand.

According to the latest data, around 79,200 overseas students are living in Melbourne city. If they are part of your target audience, they would love to receive the promotional products mentioned above that benefit them.

Make the Gifts Personal

When you give away promotional products as gifts, you need to make sure they are universally helpful. It is not necessary to give every person the same promotional product. You can create target audience categories to decide which promotional products fit the best for a particular category.

For example, an office executive would be happy to receive branded notebooks or business bags. A student would be happy to accept custom mouse mats, USB drives, or computer accessories.

Pick a Popular Theme

The promotional products should have a theme. For example, if you are giving out promotional products during Christmas, it should have Christmas wishes along with branding.

Whatever the item, your logo and tagline should be aesthetically pleasing, fun and innovative to promote your business and build your brand. Follow the suggestions this guide discussed to make your promotional program a success.