How to generate leads without cold calling?

What is the backbone of any organization? Sales? And how do we get sales? Through leads. Hence, the statement has been changed to leads are the backbone of any company looking to skyrocket their revenue. Every business, rather than every industry, has a different way of approach to lead generation. It is not necessary that the strategies used for eCommerce would be the same for any B2B company also. Every year every quarter, the marketing plans are designed with the maximum focus on lead generation rather than just branding or promotion.

Most companies hire salespeople to do cold calling on the industry data to generate leads, but somehow, this process is not being fruitful the way it used to be. Hence, there is a need to implement other smart strategies to generate leads and cold calling. Here a quick look at strategies or methods through which you can generate the leads for your business.

Time for cold emailing

Is your staff tired of approaching the right person of the company over the call? If the answer is yes, you can use the cold emailing technique if you have the email ID of that person’s respective person. If you do not have an email ID, then you can try getting it through search engines. Nowadays, many websites and portals share the department email IDs of the companies. You can use email marketing software for this activity. You would need to upload the email list, select the template, and the message you wish to deliver and send. With this emailing technique, you will connect with thousands of companies in a shorter period.

Generate relevant Content

Content Marketing has been proven to be the most effective technique to generate more inbound leads. Since these are inbound leads, the conversion ratio is comparatively higher than the manual lead generation. According to the recent survey, approximately 91% of the B2B marketing companies use content marketing as their prime strategy for lead generation. Try to create content for your website, blogs, and company social media accounts related to your prospective customer’s issues and interest in the industry.

Target Social Selling

What is social selling? It is the process of following a complete sales cycle over social media platforms. Social Media is the new trend in marketing when giving more exposure to the brand and increasing your reach. The platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have proven to be most effective for lead generation. Here you can join various communities related to your business and industry and exchange your thoughts. This is a great chance to pitch your services to your prospective customers.

Get listed on portals.

This segment of the strategy is primarily focused on the B2B sectors. There are B2B portals that act as a marketplace and connect suppliers with buyers on the platform to exchange the communication. Companies dealing with B2B products or services can think of registering themselves on these business portals to get more inbound leads.

Get the benefit of events and exhibitions.

As a company, you might be participating in any events or exhibitions to promote your services. Here you get the chance to meet your prospective customers. Even if you are not participating, you can still visit these events and meet your buyers to initiate the conversation. Most companies visit such exhibitions and events to look for new vendors for their product requirements or service. These exhibitions and events include companies from all over the world. Hence it would be a great opportunity for you to get leads and spread your business globally.

Work on Lost clients

Sometimes it is easy to get back the lost ones to focus on getting new clients. We always tend to skip the clients who are not active in the business with us and have lost due to certain reasons. Here we can also put some effort into retaining the same client and get him onboarded again. The company might have few issues with your product or services during the previous deal. You can talk to these clients and try to get to know those reasons to work on them. Hence here, you won’t require much time or effort as the new ones.