How to get a TEFL certificate to teach English abroad?

Do you want to change your life and start a new page? Teaching English abroad is just what the doctor ordered. It’s hard to deny that English takes first place in the list of most spoken languages in the world.

That’s why the demand for it is going up as well as for qualified ESL tutors. There are so many opportunities that people take to the language because of such popular reasons as studying, moving abroad, and working with international partners.

If you are a fluent English speaker, you probably understand how much effort it takes to speak a foreign language. However, speaking doesn’t equal teaching. Cutting-edge technology makes learning easier, however, people still need tutors to practice communication.

It comes with no surprise that being a native or fluent speaker isn’t enough to start a teaching career abroad. However, there is something that can help. TEFL certification is one of the most respected and recognized teachers’ qualifications.

Employers around the world require it to hire decent candidates. It provides new brand teachers with accurate information about learning approaches and teaching English.

Keep reading this article to know how to save many years and become a certified ESL tutor.

About TEFL

As it said TEFL certification allows people to teach English as a foreign language. In other words, being TEFL certified you can work in countries, where English isn’t a primary language.

It is believed that tutors with such qualifications have enough experience and competence to make people speak, write, read, and understand English. It doesn’t take so much time and effort as getting a Ph.D.

How much time and money does it take to become TEFL-certified?

There are many ways to become TEFL-certified, and all of them are different in terms of duration. The thing is that there isn’t the only accrediting body worldwide that would set particular standards and a system for such a course.

That’s why you can find many offers to enroll in the course on the Internet. The price changes from provider to provider. It may take from one to six months to complete the course. Usually, potential ESL teachers opt for online studying as it’s more convenient and flexible.

However, there is always a way to study full-time abroad.

A well-structured course consists of 100-200 hours of theory about some modern teaching approaches, and 10-20 hours of practice, where students make lesson plans and have lessons according to them to implement new knowledge.

Each way of studying has a different price. The cheapest way is the online TEFL course. The advantages are obvious, you may learn information at your own pace. However, you miss a community to talk to.

That’s an option for those, who can control their time and discipline. Getting a TEFL certificate abroad includes such merits as people to discuss everything, tutors to ask questions, and the incredible experience of studying in a foreign country.

On the contrary, staying abroad, not working, and booking flights seem expensive in comparison with the previous option. And last but not least is on-site courses. If you got used to commuting and taking notebooks and pens, that’s a brilliant option.

Let’s see how the price changes depending on a course type:

  • the online program is about $300-550;
  • on-site course is $1,000-2,000;
  • studying abroad is $2,000-5,000.

Why do you need TEFL?

If you are in a quandary about whether you should get the certificate or not, think of a real reason for doing that. It comes with no surprise that you can find a job without such a requirement.

Will it be well-paid? It is highly unlikely. Decent schools and language institutions, which provide top-notch and high-quality service, want to hire educated tutors with confidence and competence to teach English.

Obviously, employers around the world prefer to have certified teachers rather than not. So, if you are after making money, TEFL certification is a way.

Read this article about countries with the highest salary for ESL teachers to make sure that it’s true.

So, even if it has nothing to do with job requirements and visa regulations, having a TEFL certificate makes you a privileged candidate among others. You always have a chance to check employers’ requests, however, it would be better to be locked and loaded in advance.

Where to start?

As soon as you have decided to enroll in a TEFL course, you should start researching trustworthy providers. As we mentioned, there isn’t the only one, so you have to be careful with red flags.

There are some significant things to pay attention to before purchasing:

  • a course structure;
  • reviews;
  • a website;
  • an appropriate price.

It’s also important to ask some questions about the course because of two reasons.

  1. Firstly, you can get more information, and it will help you to make the right decision.
  2. Secondly, it’s wise to try to check whether a provider is helpful or not.

In other words, if it does nothing to help you now, nothing will change when you are two weeks into the course.

Applying doesn’t take much time and effort. Sometimes it’s so simple that takes only one click.

Some providers offer their help to new brand teachers. As information overload may drive some people up the wall, they want to simplify this process as much as they can. It’s up to you if it’s a good idea to turn to an advisory service.

However, it may help you to check whether you fit the bill. There is a meeting with a specialist, who will tell you everything about the requirements to enroll in a TEFL course.

It is also important to be fully committed to studying. It doesn’t matter where you are getting a TEFL certification, you must devote yourself to a learning process.

It takes some effort to do homework and scrutinize new vocabulary about teaching, but a reward is worth it. You are going to help other people to speak English fluently, so it’s your responsibility to give them as much as you can.

Don’t stop your professional development. International certification is just one step on the teaching path. In order to be a high-qualified professional, you must hone your skills all the time.

As usual, TEFL providers provide some help with employment, so don’t hurry to reject. As you have already paid for education, try to take all advantage of it whether it’s just advice or an opportunity.


As there are many TEFL providers around the world, it comes with the territory that some of them are fake and deceitful. Sometimes, it isn’t so easy to differentiate them, however, there are always some red flags.

Be careful and check all reviews and information before paying.

Accreditation is one of the most important factors to pay attention to. Accredited courses provide high-quality information about teaching that meet all standards of TEFL certification.

Moreover, there are several trustworthy accrediting bodies around the world, so it’s easy to check it out for employers. Such knowledge couldn’t be looked through for a day with no practice.

The more hours of theory and practice you get, the more chances you will put it into work.

Online TEFL/TESOL course by TEFL/TESOL Certification will provide you with everything you need.

There are different ways of duration, help from a native-speaker trainer, and top-notch support from the company to help you to make a brilliant resume and get a job. You will get the accredited certification as soon as you pass all tests and exams.

Now you have a chance to enroll in an online TEFL/TESOL course with a nice discount.

So, getting a TEFL certification is only the first step if you dream of working abroad. As soon as you get the certification, you are ready to search for a job with decent conditions. However, if you are educated enough, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Professionals are always in demand.