How To Get Better Sleep

Do you want to have better quality sleep? Be sure to follow the tips below.

Have A Routine & Stick To It

Creating a routine for bedtime is very important and you also need to stick to it in order to enjoy good quality sleep every night. Now, bedtime will vary from person to person, so you should select what works for your particular lifestyle and needs. According to Professor Mathew Walker, having regularity in your sleep patterns are essential. Basically, you should strive to go sleep and wake up around the same time on a daily basis, weekends included. You should also have a sleep diary which will help you to figure out any activities or habits which interrupt your sleep quality.

Create A Good Bedroom Environment

According to many experts, there is a very significant association between sleep and your bedroom. However, this particular association is reduced when there are electronic devices in the bedroom, televisions, extra light, an uncomfortable mattress, etc. Check out these Sealy mattress reviews. In order to enjoy a good night’s rest, you should make sure your bedroom is cool, clean, and dark. Additionally, your bedding is also important according to Dr. Neil Stanley who is a sleep expert. He indicates that you should choose comfortable bedding that is made up of natural material so that you can sleep better and control your temperature more easily. Natural materials tend to remove moisture and keep you cool.

Get Relaxed

The last few hours before bedtime are also quite important. You should strive to have a warm bath, stretch lightly, and listen to soft music. This will help to make you feel calm and relaxed in order to sleep. If you are feeling very stressed or worried, then you should have a “Worry Journal” where you can write all these thoughts down. This should help you to get them out of your head and help you relax.


Regular exercise is very good for your body and will help you by making your endorphins flow. Some great exercises to do include swimming, walking, etc. Regular exercise will help you to reduce tension in your body and help you to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. With that said, don’t exercise for at least an hour before bedtime. This will actually prevent you from sleeping due to the increase in body temperature.

Stop Consuming Caffeine

Lastly, you definitely need to reduce your caffeine intake, especially in the latter part of your day since it negatively affects sleep quality. The quarter-life of coffee or caffeinated products is 12 hours. So, if you absolutely must drink coffee, then you should only drink it in the morning. It is better to consume other drinks such as herbal teas or milky drinks that don’t have any caffeine. If you take any medications that have caffeine, then you should take them in the morning. However, be sure to talk to your doctor before doing so.