How to handle a blocked drain?

Anyone who faces the issue of blocked drain wants to know its cause first as it is not something they want quite frequently. A lot of times, a blocked drain may occur because of waste material buildup. The buildup transforms to a glutinous mass and causes complete blockage. Hair is one of the major content in it. If you have a lot of hair fall during shower, then you should put strainers on the plugholes and clean them frequently. You should also keep a check on the drains of your shower and kitchen which are most likely to get blocked. A fine strainer will ensure that not all the material ends up getting down the drain.

Acknowledge the problem

Drains may get blocked because of several reasons. Some of them are given below:

  • Intrusion of tree roots in the pipe
  • Hair being flushed in the drain
  • Oil and grease being washed down the sink
  • Flushing foreign objects like nappies, sanitary pads and kids toys
  • Collapse of the pipe structure

There are several causes which can lead to a blocked drain. And, for every cause there is a remedy. For instance, if you have hair clogging, grease or tree root matter blocking the drain, then water jetting is the best solution for it. However, if there is a solid blockage like tree root, collapsed pipe or something then you may need something substantial.

How to do drain unblocking Ipswich?

Water Jetting

Water jetting involves use of a high pressure water pump to send water down to the drain where the blockage is. The high pressure of water breaks the blockage and leaves a clean pipe for you. There are several levels of water jetting equipment. For simple high pressure cleaning, usual water jetters are used with a sewer jet nozzle. It is meant to deal with small blockage issues, but if there is a reasonably big blockage, then it may not be able to handle it.

But tough blockings, you need to use high pressure water jetting pump with different attachments to clear blocked drains.

CCTV Drain Camera

You may need it in 90% of your drain jobs to know the reason of the blockage. If the reason is tree roots, then it could damage the pipe. And it may reoccur; hence you may need a permanent solution for it. Cutting the root will add to its growth.

The best options to go for drain unblocking Ipswich

Often house owners use home remedies like vinegar and baking soda or plunging but it may not cut it completely. Also the use of water jetter may not be able to heal the underlying cause and there will a risk of getting another blocked drain in the upcoming time. Hence, it is essential to seek help of professionals like EPPH Drain to acknowledge the situation and suggest the best possible remedies for it. The technicians will analyze the condition and make recommendations for the appropriate method.

They do not just fix the drainage issue but also prevent it from occurring in the future. So, with the help of professionals you can avoid blockages from happening again. The procedure is tested and is one of the most effective options to unblock drains. It is divided into three steps using innovative technology and hi-tech equipment so that you get clean and clear drainage system for long- long years.

Step 1: Inspection of the drain

First and foremost, it is important to find out the location of the blockage. One of the simplest ways to do is by using CCTV drain camera down to your pipe. The camera provides a live view and you can steer it as needed to look out the different pipes in the chambers and reach to the source.

During this step you can gather all the important information about where the blocked drain is, what is the size of the blockage and what are the major reasons which have caused the blockage.

Step 2: Drain unblocking Ipswich

In several cases, a blocked drain is unblocked with the help of a water jetter. The state of the art equipment offer high flow water pressure which dislodges almost all types of blockages without any complication and no damage done to the chambers, pipes or drainage system.

If you have any other reason for the blockage like root issues which doesn’t get resolved with water jetter then a different remedy will be adopted. And soon you will have your drains unblocked.

Step 3: Relining of the drain

Once the cause has been dealt with, then it is the time to avoid it from occurring again. It can be done with the help of drain relining. You should reline the inner of your drain so that you have soft internal surface and a tough external surface to stop tree roots from penetrating to the pipes again.

The relining is put inside your drain and then expanded so that it can easily fill all the nooks and corners of your pipe. With the help of relining, you can make your pipe two times stronger and also prevent any further blockages from occurring in the long run.

Well, drain unblocking Ipswich is quite a common problem and almost all house owners have to deal with it. If the problem doesn’t get resolved with DIY remedies, then you should seek instant help of professionals. EPPH Drain will help you out if you have a blocked drain. The plumbers and engineers will visit your location at the given time and use the state of the art technology to unblock drains and repair them. You can enjoy the best services of unblocking your drains at the most reasonable prices.  Be it industrial, commercial or domestic drain blockage, these professional deal with all types of blocked drains.

All you need to do is give them a call now or visit their website and get your drain problems and its causes fixed in no time in the best possible way.