How to improve your memory: popular techniques for increasing brain activity

Are you experiencing memory problems? Or you noticed that your mental activity decreased with age? You cannot concentrate? Or you forget the names of new acquaintances right away? Be ready to discover how to improve your memory and which mind techniques are perfect for brain practicing.

How to improve your memory: popular techniques for increasing brain activity

The purpose of memory techniques for mind training

There are a dozen tips on how to improve your memory and boost your brain to become more mentally sharp. The issue of increasing mind power is especially relevant for those who experience memory lapses, easily forget information like the name of a new occasional acquaintance, or just seeking a way to remember more. Poor memory is a common problem in modern society that stimulates people to search for recommendations on how to improve your short term memory, visual and eidetic, and other types of memory. Useful and valuable information is everywhere. And many try to find a solution to strengthen both long term and short term memory through techniques, also known as mnemonic devices.

Using a set of tactics and methods, people train their mind to keep facts, definitions, numbers longer, and retrieve them when needed. Such practices can be useful for students, working professionals, kids, and generally, lovers of knowledge. Want to learn new languages or you need to remember a long speech? Wish to have stress free education and easily prepare for the exams? Then mnemonics will improve your ability to remember more, to focus your mind, recall information, important dates, passwords at a later point in time, and develop an episodic and photographic memory.

Improving mental performance with a memory palace method

What are those methods that help to remove memory barriers? Generally, the most common memorization technique is the method of Loci (mind palace technique) with the concept of creating a mind map visualizing familiar locations and mentally associating objects/information with it. But using such a strategy is not so easy. It requires focus as you must imagine the place and mentally walk around it distinguishing noticeable features and creating a connection with something you need to keep in mind and want to place in a long term memory. Daily efforts will definitely not only expand memory capacity but also will boost photographic memory with the ability to recall visual materials that have been viewed in the past.  Some valuable tips will help you to competently use the method of Loci:

  • determine the aim of your memory palace, what exactly you should remember, and write it down;
  • pick only well-known spatial environments which you can imagine with the smallest details;
  • when developing a map, concentrate and try not to be distracted by a variety of external factors;
  • your associations must be positive, pleasant, vivid, and colorful;
  • discipline yourself and keep practicing as challenging your brain daily, you sharpen your mind skills.

If you once said “I would like to have a better memory”, it is time to start acting by practicing your brain. Using this advice on how to improve your memory through such mnemonic devices like the method of Loci, you will obtain the ability to organize every thought, quickly generate new ideas, and increase your level of creativity.

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