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How to Install a TV Lift

It’s no doubt that TV lifts have changed our lives and how we watch TV. You will find them in homes, offices, bar, restaurants, airports, hotels, yachts – just about everywhere.

The two common types of TV lifts that you will find are the pop up and the flip down. They do the same function on that their operation and location slightly differ. The pop up also know as motorized lifts and lowers your TV from your piece of furniture. The flip down or ceiling from above your ceiling floor.

The method of installation for both lifts also vary. For the pop up the installation is quite simple and straightforward but for the drop down can be quite conference. We’ll cover how to install a tv lift for both the pop up and the flip down lifts.

TV Lift Installation

Before starting your installation, you need to make sure you have you installation kit ready. The installation process is pretty much the same for the two types of lifts. The parts in your TV lift system should include:

  • Lifting unit
  • Lid lifter
  • Lift brackets
  • TV mounting brackets
  • RF (Radio Frequency) or IR (Infrared) module
  • Remote control
  • AC input wire
  • Power supply bracket
  • Rocker switch
  • Power supply unit
  • Installation manual

The TV Lift Connection

To start the tv lift installation process you need to:

  • Connect the TV lift to the RF or IR module.
  • Next you need to connect your AC input wire to your power supply unit
  • Connect your rocker switch to your RF or IR module
  • Plug into your mains, power up and press the up button of the remote to extend your lift completely
  • According to your TV model and make and height of your cabinet, fit in the lid filter in place and tighten with an Allen key
  • Fix the lift brackets to the unit maintain the distance between them as per your manual (a recommended installation for the 1st bracket on the 3rd hole and 7th for the 2nd bracket)
  • On your remote, press the down button to retract your lift completely
  • Install your lift in your cabinet or ceiling opening. Make sure there is support on either platform on where you are installing to avoid shaking the lift which may cause the TV to vibrate
  • Fix your lift unit to the back panel of your platform with screw provided in your kit
  • Install the mounting brackets and screw in place
  • Lift or drop down your TV depending on your setting completely and place you TV on the lift bracket
  • Now test to see if you have everything working in order and make readjustment if you need to

That is how to install tv lift mechanism.


Installing a tv lift is not hard as long as you can follow the instruction on the given manual. If you are not the DIY type, recommend consulting a specialist on how to install a tv lift.

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