How to Make a Woman Squirt: A Step-by-Step Guide

Women and men alike dream about having the most amazing sex life. Whether you are aiming for the ultimate orgasm, filthiest of dirty talk, or hardest of erections, everyone would like to know the secret of great sex. Well, look no further. Below is a step by step guide on how to make a woman squirt. The guide will assist you in all your female ejaculation questions.

Many websites will show that all a man has to do to make a woman squirt is treat her like a porn star. This is not necessarily the case. But it is admirable that you want to make your partner feel the pleasure of a squirting orgasm in real life. Squirting is a legitimate phenomenon and most women should be able to achieve it. For many, squirting is a mystery with many women feeling that they cannot achieve it. Most importantly to note, the liquid is not urine. The fluid comes from the Skene glands which are often referred to as the female prostate. Caitlin V Neal is an expert in her field who has written many articles about the art of squirting. Caitlin works as a professional sex coach for men, and she offers excellent advice on topics like squirting.

So, how do you make a woman squirt?

Set The Scene

It may be the last thought on your mind, but placing a towel down can be a precautionary measure for when it comes time to clean up. The amount of fluid released by each woman will vary, but it is worth having a towel down so neither one of you stress out about a possible mess. Make sure your partner feels relaxed and comfortable even if it isn’t her first time. If a woman’s mind is not totally in it, nothing is going to happen. Put her at ease.

Embrace Foreplay

While many may feel that arousal is a waste of time, it will help stimulate her clitoris. The best form of stimulation could be on her g spot and flirting with her vagina. The anticipation of wanting the pleasure will drive her wild. Any clitoral stimulation will help her prepare to ejaculate. Any form of sexual stimulation is welcomed. Try a new toy such as a vibrator, or you can try slowly kissing her leg as you work your way up to her vagina.

Know The Location of The G Spot

Use lubricant to enter her vagina. With your palm facing forward you can insert one or two fingers and make a come-hither movement. The g spot, which usually gives some of the best orgasms, is located on the vaginal wall towards her stomach. The area will feel a bit rough and it may become swollen from the foreplay.

Don’t Stop

A lot of women may start to squirm or yell to stop. Assuming you have consent, you will want to keep going. The pleasure they experience may even cause them to cry or laugh, but this is normal. You will want to keep the same pressure on the g spot. If she says she feels like she is going to pee, you are on the right track.

Most importantly, do not stress. You both will have an amazing experience even if she is not able to squirt on the first try. Women’s experiences with ejaculation are all different. What may be normal for one may not be the case for another person. There is no perfect outline for how to achieve such a feat, but if you and your partner work at it, the sensation is bound to happen. It is important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner since sex is a very personal activity. If you communicate about your desire to squirt or for your partner to do so, the magic is sure to happen!