How to make dog grooming less messy

One thing we all know about dog grooming is that it can become quite messy. For a lot of reasons, it can be quite an uphill battle to try and groom your dog in a way which doesn’t cause too much disorder around. With that being said, there are some things that you can do, including some techniques as well as some precautionary measures you can take, in order to make grooming a less messy activity. By taking note of the tips and information we layout in this article, you will surely find ways to make dog grooming less messy and much easier as a result. Let’s begin!

Prepare enough space

Lot of damage can be done if you’re washing them, brushing them or doing something else in a spot where there’s just not enough space. Even a slight twitch can cause things to fall over, bend, twist, break, crash, etc. You don’t want that. And that’s not only important for the pup. You want as much space, as you can possibly get, too. No one desires to spend his or her time taking care of their four-legged friend while needing to crouch or jump over an obstacle every time they need to move.


Don’t for an even a second think, that sheer willpower is enough to simplify dog grooming. You need to have some tricks up your sleeve. The best trick (while not actually a trick per se) in the book is to reward your pup with a delicious treat after they do something good. This helps train them and instil the mutual understanding that they should obey to your asking and request as it results in getting a treat. After every significant stage of the grooming is done with, reward your four-legged friend with a bite. Let them enjoy it and get back to it. These inter-between step snacks needn’t be too big or extravagant. A simple piece would do just fine if you give out multiple of those. If you only plan on giving one, then it better be a good one.

Get the right tools for the job

In order to reduce the amount of mess that you have to deal with after every job, you need to have the right set of tools and equipment. You cannot do a thorough and precise cleaning or groom with a mediocre or sub-par inventory. We’ll give an example. A frequent problem that occurs when you are grinding the nails of your dog is that debris and nail dust flies around. It accumulates as trash and also puts you at risk of breathing it in. This is why you should get yourself a dog nail grinder with guard from specs of nail floating around. It will eliminate the need for a head or eye-guard and tremendously diminish the messiness which occurs after the job. Carryover the same mindset and look for similarly beneficial tools, equipment and accessories that can help reduce the mess.

Get someone else to help

Some tasks, especially those being carried out on large or strong pups, will require a lot of strength and concentration. However, even a capable and willing groomer might not be ready for a sudden shift, squirm or movement that a stressed or non-comfortable dog might make. This is a scenario that you definitely wish would not pan out. Luckily, you can always ask someone to help you out and to aid by petting the dog so it stays calm or holding them in place while you trim the hair or clean their ears.

Don’t be forceful

Newton’s third law says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is on full display when you’re trying to be forceful with a pet. They will simply resist. So, it is never advisable to be forceful or to try and muscle the pet into submission. Remain patient, wait a while, try and make them comfortable and bribe them with treats. Once they know the process can be trusted, you can move forward and begin with the grooming. You’ll have a much higher chance to see the dog stay in place and not force you to make a mess.