How to Make Effective Study Notes That You Can Sell Online

By Sarah Williams

Make the most out of your laborious studies by selling your study notes. Student life is not easy, and it is, at times, an uphill battle. Every student that wants to conquer this challenge needs effective study notes that will help you review, master terms, and prepare you for your exams.

Unfortunately, not everyone has excellent note-taking skills. If you have the talent, you can leverage your expertise by selling your study guides. Quality notes will not just boost your own grades, but they have the potential to give you additional income when you sell notes online. Here’s what you need to know for making useful notes that you can sell for a profit.

Go For Digital Notes

Though writing down stuff on paper will indeed help you remember better, when it comes to selling, digital is that way to go. Though studies indicate that using more senses is better for learning, in this modern, fast-paced world that is reliant on gadgets, making well-structured digital notes is the key to success.

Digital notes are just easier to read than penmanship, which often comes with legibility issues. These are also easy to compose in terms of layout, chronological order, and overall organization. You can easily upload these in any reputable site that sell notes online. These are also convenient to do as everyone has access to a gadget these days.

Focus on Key Concepts

For successful note-taking, you must prioritize essential details. Focus on keywords and concepts, especially when you are summarizing a lengthy textbook. Only the primary points must make it into your notes. This may include important terms, theories, quick definitions, and salient points. To get a grip on what information to add, take note of what you must be memorized and remembered.

Combine Lecture Points with Text

For a more detailed study guide, you will need to combine the information you received from the professor during class discussions along with text highlights in your books. Doing this makes it very easy for you to scan documents and remember your teacher’s points. When you are reviewing your books vis-a-vis lecture takeaways, it becomes easier to highlight essential pieces.

Make Documents Appealing

When you are writing your notes, you must ensure that you write clearly. It is best to start a new page after each subject and chapter. Using visual aids like symbols and diagrams is also helpful. Don’t be afraid to use colors to code your work and group text information. It is normal for the human brain to link colour to memory. With the aid of colours, people remember better because they are able to visualize things a lot easier, too. As much as possible, you want to help your brain remember your notes when exam time comes.

Keep Pricing Competitive

If you really want to earn extra cash by selling your notes online, you must keep your prices affordable. It is a known fact that students do not have a lot of spending power. Consider this when you are setting your rates. You can always rework the price at a later stage when your documents become popular.

Making study notes during your class is a great way to remember the crucial points that you need to ace your exam. Don’t let your efforts go to waste by capitalizing on your notes. Sell these online for a profit so you can augment your allowance. Not everyone is good at taking down notes, so use your talent to earn income while helping others at the same time.