How to Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

Until recently, gold jewelry has taken center stage. Now, sterling silver and the mixing of metals are trending everywhere. The idea is bold, and there’s an art to pulling it off. Here’s how to put the right pieces together with confidence and style.

Use a Bridge Piece

A bridge piece has at least two metals in it. For instance, it may contain both gold and silver. It could also have a third metal such as rose gold and even diamonds or other gemstones. A ring, bracelet, necklace, or watch can serve as a bridge connecting pieces.

When you wear solid yellow gold or silver jewelry with it, the placement will look intentionally right.

Stack Several Pieces Together

Stacking helps the mix of metals look like an organized set. When you stack, it appears as if you combined the pieces on purpose instead of just throwing them together.

For example, put on a thin silver bracelet. Stack a gold one next to it, and then add a mixed metal bracelet for a bridge piece. Continue stacking by adding another gold bracelet, and then a silver one to complete the set of stacked bracelets.

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You can also modify the look by wearing three bracelets instead of five. Use a gold bracelet as a bridge. Surround it with silver jewelry. You would put a silver bracelet on first, then a gold bracelet, and lastly, another silver bracelet.

Carry the art of stacking over to other pieces of jewelry. Stack silver rings and gold band rings for a fun, modern look.

Wear different length chain necklaces alternating between silver and gold tones. This look is stunning when at least three necklaces are worn together.

Layer Jewelry Widths and Styles

Try layering a few mixed metal pieces together that are about the same width and style. A tip is to purchase them by the same brand at first until you get the hang of mixing metals.

Another idea is to wear a focus piece like a thick cuff bracelet and layer with chain bracelets placed before and after the cuff. Be strategic to pull off the look.

Use Other Types of Jewelry to Connect Mixed Metals

Other jewelry items can serve as common ground pieces even though they aren’t worn as a bridge for stacking. Take a mixed metal watch with a two-tone band, for example. You can wear one or more rings in gold or silver. If you wear a mixed metal watch, it coordinates.

The watch becomes the common ground piece, bridge, or connector that ties everything together.

Clothing Accessories Enhance Wearing Mixed Metals Jewelry

Consider the hardware on jackets, shoes, belts, and purses. Silver shoes and a matching silver handbag can be further enhanced if you wear mixed metal pieces. A watch, bracelet, necklaces, or earrings will complement the accessories.

Any combination of the aforementioned mixed metal pieces would look stylish as well.

Mixing metals is no longer taboo. By wearing gold and silver pieces together, you extend your options and get more value out of your investment.