How To Plan A Graduation Party For An Engineer Friend

“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.” – James A Michener

Send this quote to your engineer friend and motivate him for future endeavors. Undoubtedly, engineers bring innovations by inventing resourceful gadgets like a CPU cooler for your pc and portable generator. No matter from which engineering field your friend belongs to, he/she deserve an appreciation for the hard work.

Sometimes, words don’t do justice to the efforts an engineering student put in the graduation years. Thereby, gestures are important, too.

For instance, if your friend is graduating soon, you are advised to throw a congratulations party for the mate without being vocal.

Yes, this is the whole plan. Be quiet, and don’t let your friend get a hint of what is running in your mind.

Keep reading!

P.S. Get a small glimpse of convocation day before proceeding further.

Sneak Peak To Graduation Day Convocation

A convocation is an event that every student attends with tears in their eyes and waits for the moment to toss their mortarboards. The screams that echoed creates a blissful environment in the university at the time of tossing. The graduation ceremony always stays alive in the students’ hearts when they see photos taken there.

We agree students make unforgettable memories there. But, how exciting it would be to surprise your best friend with a party who just had gotten graduated in engineering.

Below, we have gathered some exciting ideas to help you arrange a gathering that would be cherished later. Get a wing to them and impress your buddy.

Things To Consider While Planning A Graduation Party

Here, find the tricks that you must implement to enjoy with your recently graduated friend.

Set The Time, Date & Venue On Priority

You know the convocation date, it is suggested to place your party on the same day. No doubt, the excitement level reaches the next higher level, and nobody would mind dancing and drinking for sure. Indeed, it is the best time to throw a party.

Besides, monitor the weather for the proposed event if it is as per your desire. Otherwise, consider planning a party indoors rather than outdoor. Plus, send an invitation to the colleagues and clean the house and yard before the party.

Buy Exciting Presents For A Buddy

The appreciation gesture is incomplete without presents. Also, make sure the gift you would buy is for your friend’s betterment without putting a burden on your pockets. Thus, the best graduation gifts for engineers are a socket wrench, batteries organizer, flashlight gloves, and a microscope.

Sitting arrangement for the party

Arrange a proper sitting for the guests by leaving paths for the movement. Thus, we suggest you place chairs, couches, and sofas around the corners. Borrow some extra chairs and tables for a comfortable and decent get-together (from your good neighbors and save cost). With this, install the dance floor in the middle. Indeed, dancing is a way to express joy and satisfaction.

Go With Engineering Party Theme

Decorate with string photos, hang buntings (or balloons, banners, streamers), stick college posters, and put decoration pieces whose designs are compatible with the engineering field. Get antique machinery items on rent from the mechanical shops (if possible) for the real feel. Otherwise, you can DIY some machinery products or electronic gadgets using cardboards and miniature tools to honor the friend.

Opt For Engineer’s Dress Code

Party attire must be unique yet entertaining. Pay tribute to all the engineers who have brought feasibilities in lives by choosing engineer hats and coats as a dress code. Pair the whole outfit with engineering shoes. Not only this, but you should also wear a badger shield on the head, covering your face with transparent protection. Moreover, don’t forget to put on the engineering gloves. After all, every single thing matters.

Plan The Food Accordingly

Let your engineer buddy feel special by honoring him to cut the cake. Themed cake and cupcakes are the essential foodstuffs of a party as they bring sweetness to the whole fun. It is advised to start preparing food (main course and dessert) a few days ago. So, on the final day, you won’t get stressed out. Come up with a variety of food to excite your mates.

Photobooth For A Perfect Photoshoot

While being in the same uniform dress code, everyone seems to belong to the engineering lot. It is mandatory to capture photos to make it a part of remarkable history. Therefore, installing an amazing photo booth is a perfect option. The photo booth must have a good background portable wall along with some decorative items for best clicks.

A Surprise Dedicated Slideshow

To bring laughter, compile all the videos of your friend that you have recorded in 4 years. Of course, merging memories of the sleepless nights, the foul talk, and the annoying exams time in one single slideshow pull off the graduation party fun. To make this happen, place a projector and play the slideshow for a stand-out view.

Graduation Party Games For School Mates

Arrange a games corner for the colleagues. For example, you can play chess or solitaire cards with your friends. Alongside this, gaming engages your buddies and encourages them to compete with each other but in a pleasant environment. It is the perfect source of entertainment for the night-owls present in the get-together.

Prepare Favor Bags For The Colleagues

One more interesting idea is to make your friends thankful (including the person for whom you have thrown a party) by distributing goodie bags before their departure. The goodie bag must include small knick-knacks (or tools), stationery items like compass, scale, pencil, diary, and sweets and snacks. Such favor bags represent the feeling of your gratefulness towards them as they have attended the ceremony.

Final Words

Passing out college and university is undeniably a proud moment for a friend and you (of course, it is because he is your buddy). Achieving such milestones is called for big celebrations. Hopefully, the tips we had discussed above would also make your friend proud of you. Make sure to follow these tips and enjoy a pleasurable time together.