How to Plan a Virtual Event that Sticks in Your Clients’ Memory

Organizing a virtual event that will make your brand or company stick in your clients’ minds is both an art and a science. As more and more events move online, you should find ways to personalize your event and deliver a unique experience that talks volumes about your company’s vision and culture.

Here’s how to make an online event truly unforgettable.

1. People Love Giveaways

With the right giveaways, you can keep your attendees hooked and make them come for more. There are countless virtual prizes you can offer, like vouchers, free PDFs, (limited) access to exclusive materials, personalized merch, etc.

For instance, you could ask attendees to share a positive review of your event on social media X times to win the Y prize. However, don’t overdo it with the giveaways. It would be bad for both your company’s budget and image, as you risk coming off as a bit desperate.

2. Make It Interactive

Let attendees know from the get-go that your event is different from most others. Give people access to a pre-event agenda and resources to do their own research before joining. Don’t steer clear of feedback. You can share a document with participants and ask them to share any questions and concerns. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Budget permitting, you could send an event kit or even lunch or dinner to each attendees’ doorstep. Whatever you do, make it unforgettable.

3. Take Full Advantage of Your Virtual Event Platform’s Features

Many platforms come with surveys, polls, chats, social tables, and remote control over your computer. Get people engaged. For instance, a powerful tool is social tables since they allow you to meet certain attendees and brainstorm things even before the event has started. Attendees themselves can use the tables to network with one another. Just make sure that everyone knows how the feature works. You should also engage in other examples of virtual events to take full advantage of said platform.

4. Choose Engaging Speakers (Even if They Cost More)

Another tip for a memorable event is to have a speaker that stands out. They should convey the information in ways that don’t let the audience feel like the event is a waste of time. A good speaker adds value to the experience and makes people click. Whenever attendees remember that particular speaker, you will come to their minds as well.

5. Have an Intro Video

You could use an intro video to raise awareness of the event or let people know what to expect. You could also add a brief tutorial to make sure that the less tech-savvy attendees know how to use the platform and its main features.

Tech issues are a major source of stress and anxiety for virtual learners worldwide. Therefore make sure you address the issue right from the start. It will make you stand out even more, and participants will feel more comfortable. As an organizer, it is your responsibility to create a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment.

6. Don’t Forget About Entertainment

You probably heard about bread and circuses. People always want to be entertained. Therefore, make sure that your virtual event is not a lengthy monologue. Pepper the experience with musical guests, standup comedians, or various live-streamed performances.

7. Focus on High-Quality Content

Not all types of virtual events benefit from live streaming. It is sometimes difficult for a professional speaker to deliver a flawless presentation while live streaming. If you choose to pre-record, you’ll have the added benefit that the content can be curated and improved. The major downside is that real-time engagement might have to suffer.

Pre-recorded content can be paused to make sure that people don’t get bored. Also, attendees can access the part of the content that best matches their interests. Since participants might live in different time zones and want to watch the content at their own pace, ensure that you are on the same page when scheduling a Q&A or brainstorming session.