How to play: A guide to online slots

If the usual video games have become mundane and boring, it is time to spice things up. Online slots are selling like hotcakes in the internet world. It is much similar to Las Vegas Casino but online. You have nothing to lose yet in fact you can save money instead of traveling to Las Vegas and invest that to play slots. Let’s kick start to enter the world of online slots.

What are slot games?

Slots are a gambling tool that is operated by dropping coins into a slot. After dropping coins you need to pull the handle or push a button to activate reels. The number of reels varies from slot to slot. These reels are marked into horizontal segments by many symbols. Depending on the reels symbols that come into rest after rotation is the amount that is paid.

These symbols have evolved over the years. Slots are called in different names in every country to suit their history and culture. In some places, it is the poker machines and in some places, it is the fruit machine.

In the past, these slots were frequently opposed as they were gamble machines and considered immoral by certain societies. Modern slots contain solid-state electronics that work for any frequency of payouts.

Slot machines are the largest profit generators in every casino totaling up to 30 to 50 percent of total revenue. These physical slot machines have now evolved into online slots that can be played by players at home without having to travel.

How do slots work?

Let’s delve deeper into online slots. Do you think you have to be a pro to win online slots? If you are a novice, you’ll enjoy online slots because they do not require any skill sets. It’s purely based on luck and randomness. All you have to do is choose a game of your interest, set your stake level and the number of spins you want to play.

That’s all. Spin, sit back and relax. Depending on the game you have chosen, there could be many win lines possible in a single spin. If you have won, the screen will display your winnings. You can continue spinning the reels but keep an eye on the bankroll that is on the corner of the screen.

Wilds and Scatters

Slots may look complex if you are a novice but it is simpler when you understand them. There are two additional features named Wilds & Scatters that will make your eye roll. Don’t worry, all you have to do is pet them and make them your best friends. They’ll listen to your need. ‘Wilds’ is like a wildcard that can be substituted for any other card that you might want to win the game.

Think of it as a joker in a pack of cards. If you see a ‘Scatter’ symbol, you win the game. It’s that simple. They don’t have to appear on the win line to make you win. You see the scatter symbol and voila you could win the game. They aid you to unlock additional features like a bonus round for example.

If you get bonus rounds, take the maximum benefit out of it. These additional rounds will help you increase your chances of winning. Each of these reel combinations will give you many winning probabilities. You have to do the math to understand this. This depends on the number of reels on the slot machine and is the most exciting way to keep the spirits high.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

All online slot providers use RNG that generates random numbers based on the algorithm. It is computer software that secures the game with its random number and turns it unpredictable. This is fair play as no one controls the game nor is it in favor of the slot provider. These machines are completely tested by independent test partners to certify that they give out only random results.

Random Number Generator works based on the binary number that is 1 and 0. Each symbol will have 0 and 1 assigned for them and displayed using a complex algorithm. It is the machine algorithm that decides the winning number. Hence it is impossible to anticipate which will be the winning spin.

Plenty of Games

There are a plethora of games to choose from to play slots online. Joker123 is one such game that everyone is currently playing as it is an exciting and thrilling game. Nobody has finished playing all the games as a new game is been added even while you are reading this. You can read the instructions manual on how to play the game and keep going about it.

Small Investment

Online slots don’t offer the biggest risks and you can start playing with a nominal investment. You can make the payment through their trusted gateways. You can withdraw the money through the same mode of investment. This provides utmost security to your cash.


Online slots do not require you to have any special talents or skills. It is a game of pure chance. You win if you are lucky today or maybe tomorrow. However, what you need to know is a bunch of tactics to play the game. For this, you will have to read the instruction manual thoroughly, go through user reviews and take some demo games to get into the pulse of the game.

Once you get the hang of it, your odds of winning the game will be high. You will have to place your bet strategically to win the game. This will earn you money faster.

Have Fun and Earn

Slots are designed for unlimited fun and thrills. They brighten up your dull moments and fill them with excitement instantly. Who does not want to be a millionaire while having fun? You can play their free bonuses and free spins to maximize your chances of winning. If you play strategically you can be a millionaire if you hit the jackpot.

Also, remember that slot machines are ‘real machines’ without any memory. So your chances of winning are the same in every spin. This is what keeps the players hooked.

Online slots are among the most diverse games in the online casino world. The Thai online gambling site Riches 888 offers a wide variety of online slot games (so-called สล็อต in Thailand) with more than 90 slot games to choose from.

Happy spinning!