How to Prepare Your Divorce Papers Online

Dealing with a divorce may feel like having way too much on your plate, especially when it becomes time-consuming and financially unbearable. But your divorce doesn’t have to be a long exhausting battle in court. If both spouses settle their disputes amicably, the divorce can be a straightforward process.

Today, most parts of your divorce can be completed from the comfort of home. Online divorce paperwork preparation services, e-filing systems, online serving, etc., can help make your divorce quick and simple.

This article will guide you through the key aspects of a simple divorce and provide you with information on how to complete most of your divorce stages online in Ohio.

Know Your Grounds

How can the grounds for divorce influence the process? The simpler your divorce remains, the easier it is to handle some of its stages online. For example, it is much easier for a couple with an amicable breakup to proceed with the formalities and get their final divorce decree.

Spouses who end their marriage on bad terms tend to have a lot of disagreements that must be resolved through litigation, which may significantly affect the overall time. Typically it concerns the spouses who chose a fault-based divorce in Ohio, which includes the following grounds for terminating the marriage:

  • Adultery;
  • Willful absence for no less than one year;
  • Extreme cruelty;
  • Habitual drunkenness;
  • Gross neglect of duty;

Or on the contrary, the spouses who prefer to end their relationship peacefully are more likely to choose incompatibility as their no-fault ground for divorce. In such a scenario, it’s possible to shorten the divorce process and save money on expensive lawyers.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

Generally, uncontested divorce is possible if both spouses manage to agree on all their divorce-related issues amicably instead of bringing them to court. Such issues include alimony (also known as spousal support), property division, child custody, child support, etc.

If spouses agree on everything and draft a Marital Settlement Agreement, they can proceed with an online divorce. It means spouses can prepare their paperwork with the help of online divorce platforms, instead of a lawyer, in a matter of days.

Note: Remember that you have to meet local residency requirements to get a divorce in Ohio. According to local laws, at least one of the spouses must be a state resident for no less than six months before the filing. There is also a 90-day county residency requirement you must meet.

How to Prepare Your Divorce Papers Online

Spouses choosing an uncontested scenario are eligible for an online divorce, also known as an internet divorce. Such a service doesn’t require the couple to have any legal training, as with the help of web divorce platforms, the petitioner can select and generate the necessary forms themselves.

The petitioner must complete an online questionnaire about their marriage and divorce to select and generate appropriate forms. The platform also provides an easy-to-follow filing guide to initiate the filing process straight away.

It is an excellent alternative to expensive lawyers who typically charge a lot for an hour-long consultation. Thus, the spouses can save time and money and significantly simplify their paperwork preparation stage.

e-Filing in Ohio

E-filing is also an option to submit your divorce paperwork to the court in Ohio. E-filing allows you to apply for divorce anytime, from any place electronically. Thus you won’t have to visit the court clerk’s office.

However, you will still have to pay a filing fee, which is about $250 in Ohio. That’s why you need to be extra careful with your divorce paperwork preparation to submit it correctly on your first try. If any mistake occurs, you will have to start over and pay the filing fees again.

To avoid any failures, it’s reasonable to use online divorce services.

DIY Divorce in Ohio

A DIY divorce is an excellent solution for simple uncontested divorces, where the attorney’s involvement can be drastically minimized. If handled wisely, the spouses may complete their divorce fast.

Altogether, DIY divorce is a great option for spouses willing to complete most of their divorce stages online. In addition, spouses filing for divorce without an attorney or legal assistance take the whole process under control. It allows them to save time and money.

One of the most reasonable financial decisions for do-it-yourself divorce is to use online divorce companies. This way, you can complete your divorce paperwork online for an affordable price, reducing the overall cost of divorce.


A divorce is never the easiest period in a person’s life. However, it doesn’t have to be exhausting and financially unbearable. The spouses can go ahead with a simple uncontested divorce and settle their differences out of court, keeping their relationship peaceful.

Such a divorce can help them save their time and money, allowing them to handle most parts online from the comfort of their own home.