How to Read Online Poker Players

Playing online poker can be a challenge for many people. The biggest issue stems from not being able to figure out which hand your opponent has been dealt. Whereas live poker made this easier to do, online poker doesn’t have that option. You cannot see the other person’s reaction on receiving a card, neither can you hear a change in the pitch of their voice before they place a bet. For these reasons, you need to find a way to know what bet will work for you or against you. Here are some of the ways you can read online poker players.

A Small Bet

The first tell-tale sign of a player with a bad hand is the amount they place into a bet. If a player places a really small bet on a hand, chances are, they have been dealt a bad hand. However, before you make this conclusion, observe the said player’s cards once the bet has been placed. It might take a couple of hands for you to figure them out. When comparing online vs live poker, you need to realize that you cannot easily tell what the player is thinking. However, observing a couple of hands should be able to give you an accurate perspective of things.

Waiting Time

There are situations where a hand has been dealt, and the players are either raising or placing bets on the deal. Then everyone realizes there is a delay because one of the players is uncertain about the next thing they should do. In such a scenario, the chances are high that the dealer might have dealt one of the players a bad hand. If this happens a couple of times with the same results, you can be sure that there is a bad hand dealt, and the player has not figured out how to hide it.

The Instant Call

Players take the time to anticipate the result of their decision to call, fold or raise. Be very keen when a player makes any of these decisions as soon as they receive their cards. They might be doing it to give you wrong data, and trick you into making a decision, or they might have landed on cards they believe are their winning streak. Take your time before making such decisions, and also be keen on players that decide very fast. Do not be lured into a decision because you think you might lose money. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The only way you can take advantage of the game is to learn the rules and know-how the players you are competing against play. Do not be in a rush to make any decisions unless you are sure of yourself. Where in doubt, take the time and observe the other players. In learning their tactics, you will know how to play since there is no body language. Tactics are the only sure way you get ahead of other players and place the right best on your cards.