How To Receive OTP Without a Personal Phone Number

Online privacy is essential at this moment. Every month there are multiple reports about cases of data leakages and hacks that have happened to various online services. Thousands of people get their personal information leaked or stolen every day.

Because of this, many started searching for ways to complete verification via OTP without using their own mobile phone number. It was not easy to do a few years ago. Nowadays though there is nothing difficult about this.

You can perform that task with a virtual number for SMS. It is available for use online in minutes.

Virtual numbers from the technical side

Virtual phone numbers are a relatively new solution on the market.

Because of this, there are still a lot of those who don’t really know what this feature is and how it works. Even though it might seem to newcomers like something unusual and complicated, there is nothing really extraordinary about it.

Basically, virtual numbers are just regular mobile phone numbers that are used over the internet. It becomes possible due to the connection of SIM cards from real mobile cellular carriers to online servers of appropriate platforms with hardware like GSM modems and GoIP gateways.

Thereby, any person becomes able to use virtual phone numbers through websites and apps that offer such an opportunity.

Most often virtual numbers can be used for a limited amount of time. Mainly, relevant platforms provide them for single use only. However, it is also possible to obtain such a phone number for a few hours, days, weeks, and even months.

So, even though usually they come as temporary, there is nothing wrong with using them for a long time.

Can be used by everyone

Many newcomers wonder if they can use virtual phone numbers. Luckily, there are no requirements at all for potential users. Virtual numbers can be obtained and activated by literally any person regarding social status as well as financial capabilities.

The only thing that is necessary to have is a modern device with an internet connection. It makes it possible to use virtual phone numbers while located in any country on the planet. You just need to open the appropriate website or app.

Virtual numbers are also suitable for registration on all online services. To be more precise, they can be used to sign up for the following types of websites and apps:

  • Social media networks;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Thematic forums;
  • Food delivery and taxi services;
  • Other websites and apps.

Since virtual phone numbers work in the same way as regular numbers, it doesn’t matter with which online service they are used. They work for registration on any website or app that provides users the option to do mobile phone number verification when creating an account.

Service to get a virtual number

These days there are a lot of virtual phone number providers. They exist in the forms of both websites and apps. The choice should be made carefully though, especially if the goal is to not only find a convenient platform but also get a high-quality service at a fair price.

SMS-Man matches this requirement perfectly. That platform has been providing relevant tools for several years and has proven its worth among hundreds of thousands of users. You can use it in the following way to get a virtual number:

  1. Create an account on the mentioned platform.
  2. Select a suitable payment method on the specified tab and add with it credits to the balance.
  3. Open the main page of the service and choose the country of the virtual phone number along with the platform from which it is required to receive OTP. Then click on the purchase button.

You will receive a virtual number right after this. It can be found at the top of the homepage.

Once found, copy it and proceed to registration on the online service it belongs to. The last step is to press the “Get SMS” button at SMS-Man to see the verification code for registration which will appear under the used virtual phone number.