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How to remove dark eye circles: the best treatment methods in Singapore

How do you get rid of bad dark circles? Can you remove them naturally? Let’s be honest – there are no magical home remedies like tea bags, cucumber, coconut oil, etc. that can eliminate the dark circles under your eyes. Even these expensive creams that promise fast results can’t completely remove the darker colour. Although, we cannot deny – sometimes two cold spoons really help. The idea of teabags is also good – chamomile, for example, has an anti-inflammatory effect, so if you soak the tea in cold water and put it under the eyes, there will be some improvement. The trick with cucumber slices, which tighten the skin, is also not bad.  But are there any more effective and long-lasting methods for dark eye circle removal? Fortunately, modern aesthetic dermatology now offers its own successful solutions for removing circles under the eyes.

But before we turn our attention to choosing a method for removing dark circles and bags, we need to establish the reason for their appearance on the face.

What’s the reason for your dark circles?

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This is usually the first goal of the dermatologist, who tests the eye swelling to determine what accumulations are in this fine area – watery or oily. The dark colour of the circles under the eyes also has individual specifics. In some people, it is caused by increased synthesis of melanin, and in others – by the more superficial location of blood vessels or because the skin around their eyes is too thin. These specifics are associated with the causes of the appearance of deformities in the eye area and based on a general conclusion the dermatologist can determine the methods for a complex elimination of the problem.

As explains, the main reason for dark eye circles is the loss of skin elasticity with age. In this area of the face, the skin is very thin and tender. Numerous blood and lymph vessels pass through it, and subcutaneous adipose tissue is practically absent. With age, the skin is getting thinner and that leads to the appearance of bags and circles.

Lack of sleep and tiredness also cause puffiness and darkness under the eyes. Staring at the computer or television often causes strain on the eyes as well as dark circles. American scientists have found that for every hour in front of the computer requires 15 minutes of rest.

If the dark circles or bags under your eyes are permanent, you may have undetected allergies. In this case, consult a dermatologist for help. Be careful with new creams, perfumes, hair dyes, and other products. Always test the product before using it.

Blue-black or brownish discolouration of the skin under the eyes is commonly genetic. Fatigue only intensifies the dark circles, which are a hereditary family trait. The solution is a consultation with a dermatologist. Modern aesthetic medicine offers various methods for treating hereditary skin defects.

How to remove dark eye circles in Singapore?

Once the dermatologist has clarified the specifics of the problem and the reasons for its occurrence, he/she will suggest the best method of treatment for you. Modern aesthetic dermatology has several basic non-invasive approaches to removing dark eye circles. If you have bags or pretty bad circles the doctor may recommend surgical treatment.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel is a procedure used to improve the condition of the skin by the controlled removal of the top layers. The purpose of this procedure is to regenerate the epidermis.


  • It is an easy and fast procedure.
  • It makes the skin tighter and healthier at all.
  • It helps with wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The procedure helps to produce collagen.
  • It is not expensive compare to the other dark eye circle treatment.


  • If you want to have good results you will need to perform the procedure multiple times.
  • Chemical peels might be not effective for bad dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • It can cause side effects such as infection, swelling, redness, and in very rare cases scarring.


  • The average price of chemical peels in Singapore is $70 – $100 per session.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are usually injected into the problem areas to even out the plane under the eye and lift the skin. They also fill the gap between the cheek and the eyelid and remove the shadows and bags under the eyes.


  • It is a non-surgical and safe method for treating dark circles.
  • The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and you can see immediate results.
  • Fillers improve the tear trough area, the nasolabial fold and cheeks which gives the face better proportions.
  • Fillers improve the appearance of the eyes and reduce the wrinkles.


  • In rare cases, they can cause allergy reaction.
  • Improper injection technique might be dangerous. Dermal filler procedures must be performed only by specialists.


  • The cost of dermal fillers in Singapore may vary between $500 – $1000 per injection.


Ultherapy is a technique of micro-focused ultrasonic thermocoagulation of the dermis. Its main purpose is to lift the face, the jowls, cheeks, lateral brows, and forehead.


  • It is a non-incisional method that stimulates collagen production to tighten.
  • The procedure has an overall improvement of the skin.
  • It gives longer-lasting results compared to other non-surgical dark circles removal methods.


  • It takes a few weeks to work and to see the final results.
  • If you have too much saggy skin, puffiness, and deep circles Ultherapy might be not effective for you.


  • The price usually depends on the treated area. Full face therapy in Singapore may cost anywhere from $2000 to $6000.

Laser resurfacing

Laser devices stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s thickness. Due to that, there is an improvement of the underlying anatomy which contributes to the appearance of dark circles.


  • It is a fast and non-surgical procedure that gives very good results.
  • The laser energy also improves skin texture and skin tone.
  • It eliminates wrinkles and stimulates the production of new collagen.
  • You will see results immediately after the first treatment but you will continue to see improvements on your skin the next couple of weeks.


  • Proper judgment in the use of the laser device is very important. Overly aggressive treatment can have a negative effect and make the eyelid skin thinner and worsen the problem.
  • Laser treatment may have some side effects like itching or redness.


  • For laser therapy in Singapore, you can expect to pay around $300 – $500 per session.


Lower blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that eliminates permanently eye bags, puffiness, and dark circles. To address this, an incision is made on the lower eyelid and excess fat is removed.


  • The results are permanent.
  • It gives more youthful, less tired, and less hollow on the lower eyelids.
  • The procedure is quick and safe.
  • It doesn’t require general anaesthesia.


  • The recovery time is a little bit longer – about 2 weeks.
  • In some cases, the operation may cause bleeding, infections, or scarring. It is important to choose a good and experienced surgeon as well to follow strictly the post-op instructions.


  • The cost of lower blepharoplasty in Singapore starts from $1300.

Before making a final decision on cosmetic manipulation, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to discuss the possibilities of treating dark circles under the eyes. Most of these procedures should be performed by a proven professional in the field, as this will minimize the risks of side effects and a long recovery period.

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