How To Repair A Chipped Windshield

Driving is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, one of the drawbacks of driving on the roadway is getting rocks pitched at your windshield from passing cars and trucks. Is windshield repair expensive? What is involved? Here is a little information about windshield repair and how easy it is to fix rock chips.

The cause of chips in a windshield

Every day, we drive on roadways filled with other vehicles. It’s a common occurrence to get rocks thrown up on your windshield from passing cars. They are projected from the tires of the vehicle as it passes and just one well-aimed rock can put a chip or crack in your windshield.

Most small rocks don’t do much damage on their own, but the problem is that continuing to drive with a chip in your windshield, no matter how small, can make the chip turn into a crack due to the vibration of the vehicle.

If it spreads you may need to have the windshield replaced because it’s a hazard to your safety. Another issue with a large crack is you may end up getting pulled over and issued a citation by a highway patrol officer.

Fixing the problem immediately will keep your windshield from further damage, and ensure your safety. Will you have to buy a new windshield? No, not at all. Windshield chip repair is simple and can even be done on the same day.

Frequently asked questions

What is windshield chip repair?

Windshield chip repair is one of the services offered by many auto glass shops. The process is relatively simple, takes very little time, and can save you money compared to replacing the windshield.

There are several do-it-yourself kits on the market that are easy to use, but the end results are not always what you expected. If you have ever tried similar kits and ended up with a disaster in the end, it might be a better idea to save yourself the hassle and have it done right by an auto glass professional. Chips larger than a quarter cannot be fixed with a DIY kit, so save yourself the trouble.

How does windshield chip repair work?

An auto glass technician will inspect the chip to see how deep the crack is and if filling it will solve your problem. The spot will be drilled out to remove any loose glass shards and so that the epoxy resin can make a strong bond. The chip is then filled with a special clear resin that fills the top layer of the glass, including the air space.

Some technicians use an UV light to help the resin set and cure faster. Once the resin has cured completely, the area where the chip was is scraped to remove any residue and polished to look like new.

Is windshield repair covered by insurance?

Yes, most insurance plans cover windshield repair because it costs less than replacement.

Same day windshield chip repair

Windshield chip repair is quick and easy, and can be done while you wait. In most instances, when you call for windshield repair, a technician can come to you. Whether you’re at home or at work, your windshield can be repaired quickly, and it will be done by the time you need to drive your vehicle.

Not all auto glass shops offer same-day service, though. You’ll need to make a few phone calls to shops in the area where you are located to see if they can get you in the same day or possibly next day.

Express service often comes with a slightly higher price tag. Be prepared to pay a little more to get it done fast. Since this type of repair is often covered by insurance, you may not have to spend anything out-of-pocket.

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