How to Safely Pierce Your Own Ears

Getting their ears pierced is something many people do. Women enjoy having their ears pierced so they can wear their favorite earrings and look beautiful. If you decide to pierce your own ears, it is important to do good research first. You need to get informed properly about the potential risks, and what to do in case something goes wrong.

You also need to have all equipment ready and follow the precise step-by-step instructions for ear piercing. Finally, it is recommended you have someone to assist you in the process or be close by in case you need help. Here are a few important steps to follow to safely pierce your ears.

Guide On Safely Ears Piercing

Prepare all necessary materials that you will use to pierce your ears. You can get all things in stores so have them ready when you start the process. You certainly want to avoid pain, so buy a skin-numbing gel that you will apply on the ears. It is not advisable to get ice packs, because these will not relieve you from pain before piercing.

Do not share the piercing needle with someone else. No matter how close friends you are, or if they are your family or not, you should never share a needle. The needle you will use to pierce your ears should be clean and disinfected before you puncture your skin.

Wash your hands and sanitize them with gel sanitizer. This is very important before piercing your ears because you want to avoid any possible infection. Also, use a spray disinfectant, a gel, or foam on the earlobe to keep it as clean as possible.

Place something behind your earlobe to support it when you pierce your ear. This is a safe way of protecting your neck and from the force that comes from piercing.

Slide the needle very slowly and gently through the earlobe. Do this until the piercing needle is all the way through on the other side. Once the needle passes through, take an ice cube and hold it behind your earlobe for a few minutes. This will ease up the pain.

Take proper care of your pierced ears. Part of the process of safely piercing your ears is to correctly take care of them afterward. Remember not to touch your ears after piercing and be especially careful about what you wear. Avoid hats and hoods. It is advisable to leave the earrings on for about six weeks, turn them and clean them at least a couple of times per day. Use a disinfectant to avoid contamination and infection. When you take a shower, use a cap to cover and protect your ears from water and shampoo.

These were the main steps to take to pierce your ears without any significant pain. Of course, you may experience a little discomfort regardless of which piercing method you use. If you do not feel confident about doing it yourself, visit an ear-piercing professional to pierce them for you.