How to save on a home in the buyer’s market – and what if you want to sell? Lunch Money

The pandemic property boom seller’s market is long gone, and we now have ‘the best market conditions in years’ for home buyers, according to a new report from Zoopla.

But if you want to buy or sell a home, what does this buyer’s market mean for you?

On this episode of Lunch Money, Simon Lambert and Lee Boyce, of This is Money discuss how much people are getting off asking prices, how to negotiate as a buyer and what sellers can do.

Meanwhile, a pension pot for life plan was revealed in last week’s Autumn Statement, but what does this mean and can I really boost your retirement savings?

Myron Jobson, of interactive investor, explains the lifetime pension idea, what happens to your old work pensions and how to keep track of them and get the growing.

And finally, savers beware, there is a sneaky cash Isa trap out there that you need to know about. Lee explains why Sainsbury’s Bank is a culprit and what savers need to do.

Sellers forced to get realistic: The average discount on the asking price is now at a five-year high, according to Zoopla