How to save tasteless lumpy gravy in just a few seconds

  • Experts have shared their hacks for rescuing a rubbish pot of gravy
  • They say you should whizz it in a blender to banish any lumps
  • A dash of soy sauce will boost the meaty flavour, according to chemists 

You can cook Christmas dinner perfectly but if the gravy is lumpy and tasteless, it can ruin the entire meal.

However there’s no need to make it again if you find your sauce isn’t up to scratch.

There is a nifty hack for reviving even the lumpiest and bland-tasting of gravies – and all you will need is a blender, and some soy sauce.

Avoid lumpy gravy like this one and rescue it by whizzing it in a blender and adding a dash of soy sauce to boost the flavour

Food experts have shared their tips for how to rescue a rubbish gravy online.

The trick to banishing lumps is to whizz your gravy in a blender.

It will get rid of the lumps and leave you with a smooth sauce, according to Real Simple magazine.

Gravy is splashed on a Christmas dinner to keep every element moist and to add a meaty flavour

Gravy is splashed on a Christmas dinner to keep every element moist and to add a meaty flavour

If your gravy is bland, the top advice is to add a dash of soy sauce.

The hack is even approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry who say that  the monosodium glutamate in the soy sauce brings out the meaty flavour of your roast dinner. 

The best way to keep gravy warm during the meal so you can go back for seconds is to pre-heat a Thermos flask by filling it with hot water, it’s said.

You then empty the flash and pour in the hot gravy, which you can then dip into if you need more on your plate, according to the team at Oven Pride, an oven cleaning product. 

These aren’t the only Christmas dinner hacks that will make sure you tuck into a delicious feast on December 25.

Jamie Oliver recommends squash roast potatoes just before they finish cooking, as it apparently makes them even crispier.

And Youtube chef John Quilter recommends cooking a turkey upside down to keep the meat moist as the juices will bleed down into the breast.