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How to select the best CBD supplement

How to select the best CBD supplement

The market is flooded with CBD oils and supplements across the country. This leaves a lot of people confused about the use of CBD products and their comparative benefits. How can you choose the best CBD oil for your needs?

Cannabidiol also popularly known as CBD is an active compound found in cannabis. The stems, leaves and flowers of the industrial hemp plant are harvested and processed to extract CBD-rich oil, which is then used to create a range of CBD products including CBD supplements.

There are numerous benefits of CBD oil and CBD supplements including:

  • Natural way to manage stress and anxiety
  • Effective management of pain and inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • May reduce acne
  • Reduces risks of diabetes and obesity
  • Alleviates cancer symptoms
  • Has neuroprotective properties
  • Has potential heart benefits

Once you have decided to take a CBD supplement, you will realize that there are a number of manufacturers offering various CBD supplements. These have varying strengths, blends and different pricing. How does one select the best CBD supplement? Here is a little guide:

1.  Check if the manufacturer uses natural hemp.

Naturally grown hemp is superior and better when your goal is health and wellness. Avoid hemp that is grown using chemical fertilizers and insecticides. This will have an impact on the overall smell of the product and may even have health concerns for the more sensitive among us.

2.  Medical grade production

Since legal hemp production is still very much regulated, there is a lot of grey area when understanding manufacturing practices. It is best to choose a CBD supplement that uses medical or pharmaceutical grade processing since you are using it for therapeutic purposes. That is, you want something that’s prepared in the cleanest and safest environment, packaged with the best care.

3.  THC-free

The best CBD oil and CBD supplements are extracted from industrial hemp. Under federal regulation, industrial hemp has 0.3% or less THC concentration. This is a negligible amount of THC that is not enough to cause any psychoactive effects yet it may show up on sensitive drug screenings, mandatory at several workplaces. So be careful and know the percentage of THC before you purchase CBD oil or CBD supplements.

4.  Lab certification

Without verifying the legitimacy of the CBD product, it is impossible to choose right. Certifications from independent labs give you the peace of mind and assurance to select only the best products. The results also verify the concentrations of CBD, THC and terpenes. Once you buy a certified supplement, you also know that you are buying a product free of contaminants. Some of the better manufacturers will carry a  Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification and Governance and Professional Practice (GPP) certification.

5.  Specially formulated for your usage needs

There are a variety of CBD oil products and supplements. These range from pods, e-liquids, skincare cosmetics, edibles and more. How you choose to use CBD is an important factor in deciding which CBD supplement or product is best for you. The formulation needs to give you a consistency of dose that is bioavailable when you need it. If it is an external product, then it should enable the CBD to be easily absorbed into your skin.


When it comes to CBD supplements, one can never be too careful. There is a plethora of CBD products and oils in the market, but you must use discretion and follow the tips provided here to pick the one that is right for you.