How to Select the Best Institute for OpEx Learning?

OpEx learning software provides a best-in-class solution to create and deliver online training courses and provides functionalities, such as eLearning course design, authoring, content management, delivery, and reporting.

Selecting the platform for OpEx learning is a crucial decision. You need to choose the right tool that will enable you to create your online training courses with ease without draining all of your resources.

You may be tempted to go with the cheapest option, but you should select the solution that best fits your needs. When choosing an AEM or LMS for OpEx learning, some key factors to consider.

Here are the critical factors for choosing the perfect OpEx Learning Academy.

Your Organizational Goals and Structure

The first step is to know your organizational goals and how they can match with the learning. You must know what you want your training to achieve.

There are a lot of different organizational goals for training, but a few examples include:

  • Provide training to current employees so they can learn new skills or improve on existing ones.
  • Train new hires by providing basic knowledge about the company and its policies.
  • Enable collaboration between teams through technical training. However, it might not be as helpful as live training.
  • Provide advanced knowledge through advanced-level coursework.

The next step is to know your organizational structure and needs for training provision. You must select a platform that can adapt to your current organizational structure, which means choosing an LMS platform over an AEM one.

Organizational Size and Skills

Your organizational structure may be the same, but your employees’ want to consume training content differs significantly. For example, if you have a small number of employees who prefer hands-on learning, then flexible eLearning authoring tools will benefit them in creating and delivering courses themselves.

However, if you have a lot of employees who would instead follow a predefined training program, then standard features are what they need for their coursework. It is crucial to select the platform that best fits your organizational needs.

Training Needs vs. Features

Choosing an OpEx Learning Academy should be about which platform has the most features and what your employees need from training. Some everyday training needs include:

  • Performance support: Most organizations use OpEx online training to provide employees with guidelines and tools to complete their work more effectively.
  • Basic knowledge: Organizations also provide corporate training through OpEx online learning to ensure that employees have a common understanding of basic concepts of Six Sigma, Lean Methodology, project management, and root cause analysis.
  • Effective collaboration between teams: OpEx eLearning also provides a foundation of cross-functional cooperation since employees often work in different departments before attending the live training. It is essential to make sure the platform you choose has these collaboration features.

Support for Mobile Apps

Recent research reveals that almost two-thirds of employees prefer accessing learning content through mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. It is especially true for training that relates to their daily work tasks.

It is important to know which platform supports mobile devices and allows your employees to access learning content offline. Also, check if it will integrate with your existing learning system. For example, if you already have a SCORM compliant eLearning system, it would be easier for you to integrate with AEM, the most popular SCORM-compliant platform.

User Experience

The last factor to consider is the user experience. A compelling OpEx Learning Academy should provide easy navigation and access and allow you to track your employees’ progress. For example, if certain employees need more assistance with coursework, it is essential that they can quickly contact their manager or trainer with questions.

For a better user experience, look for a platform that provides features like:

  • Categories and tags to make coursework easy to manage.
  • Built-in analytics so you can track your employees’ progress over time.
  • One-click reporting to generate detailed reports of training activities.

Ongoing Training Requirements

It is essential to know that your employees will require ongoing training upgrades, which means you need a platform that provides access to updated learning resources. Many organizations find getting these updates through AEM platforms easier, especially since most new features are added through app releases.

Frequently updating your learning content makes it easier for employees to keep their skills up-to-date, vital in today’s competitive workplace.

So before selecting a platform for OpEx learning, you should consider all of these factors to ensure that it will provide practical training solutions for your employees. This way, you will meet your organization’s needs and retain top talent.